Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday Listening - Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead, November 11, 1973 Winterland Arena San Francisco, CA Set 1

Okay, okay, just a quick little Sunday post. I've spent the day with MC, recovering from the epic Spank Rock show last night at the Mercury Lounge, spending the day in Bushwick looking for apartments, running into TA the Younger and discussing the L vs. the JMZ more than I ever imagined possible. To cap it all off, True Life: I Have A Summer Share is on MTV right now. Greatest episode of True Life ever (and therefore TV in general)? Yeah, I'm gonna say that.

It's been a beautiful day all around, summer is slowly creeping up, and I can think of no music that better suits a nice, lazy Sunday afternoon as the weather heats up than the good ol' Grateful Dead. Listen to those great Bob Weir cowboy songs, Jerry's solos, the long drama of a Dead show in 1973. If people give some good feedback, I think that I will post up Set 2, and make this a weekly event. I'll have more to say on the music down the road; for now, just enjoy.


wildflower seed said...

Thanks! The GD Co. are planning to release this show soon. I have this show myself, so I am here to put in a plug for this show. It has one of the best Dark Stars ever played by the band.

Anonymous said...

here's my vote for set 2 and as a weekly post. also, just wondering and hoping, are you planning on posting the weekly dylan radio shows for those of us that don't have xm radio for whatever reasons. thanks for all of your great posts. much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

You can never leave too much dead. I've been downloading from the live music archive a lot lately in case they decide to change their policy again.