Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lady Sovereign Part 1


Lady Sovereign, "Cha Ching (XXXchange remix)"

Lady Sovereign feat. Mizz Beats, Skepta, JME, Ears, Jammer &
Baby Blue, "Adidas Hoodie (remix)"

Lady Sovereign, "Adidas Hoodie (Basement Jaxx remix)"

I have been holding onto these tracks recently for no reason, so I'm going to devote a few posts to everyone's favorite performer, Lady Sovereign. The midget keeps on grindin', as evidenced above. At the very least, her songs keep inspiring remixes, a pretty good sign that the original is inspiring. I assume that some of this will find its way onto her full-length release on Jay Z's label, but have no idea.

Pay special attention to the XXXchange remix, as it's nice to see the other half of Spank Rock getting some more attention. This is a good one, as it sounds like a rock band got let into the studio. The first Adidas Hoodie remix is a grime all-star session, it would seem, and only serves to remind me how much I have slipped on following the shit coming out of East London. It's a shame that only a few performer's music have made it to the US, as it's seem just as hard to get this music a few years after the first buzz came. Whatever, we'll try to get on the grind with that. The final one is the Basement Jaxx remix that y'all have probably heard. It seemed like a good post to up this one, Lady Sov for the dancefloor. Tomorrow, I'll up some tracks from her EP, Vertically Challenged.

-disco-not-disco ran a Lady Sov contest for a few weeks. While that ended Sunday, you should head over there and check out the Tiga remixes, the goth talk, A-Trak, Eagles of Death Metal and remixes galore. Don't know how bol even gets this shit, to be honest, but I ain't complainin'.

-Speaking of disco-not-disco, head over to Banana Nutrament for this look at no wave/punk funk unknowns, Sexual Harrassment. As time goes by, I get more and more into period of music, when disco and rock and rap and punk were all mixed up and genres hadn't solidified.

-Speaking of talented women, Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage on Nelly Furtado. I have loved her from the moment that cheesy "Like A Bird" jawn dropped, and have been the object of scorn as a result. This post provides me with all the support I need; I hope that Sean can give her the hip credibilty she deserves.


Anonymous said...

Lady Sov's delivery is fantastic. SO CHEEKY

- $ean - said...

i love lady sov. those tracks are tight.