Thursday, April 20, 2006

Goldfrapp - Supernature

Goldfrapp, "Ooh La La"

Goldfrapp, "Satin Chic"

Following up on yesterday's female-centric post, I figured now is a good time to focus on Allison Goldfrapp. Obviously, she is the voice of Goldfrapp, the electronic pop band that has consistently released some great disco, downbeat music over 2 albums. Their debut got them a dedicated fanbase. Their newest album, Supernature, might be their best yet, sticking mainly to the upbeat, danceable tracks that they have on lock. You know, I'm not sure why Goldfrapp isn't talked about more, or is that they really are the only ones doing what they do and they fall through the cracks? Or do people just think they suck?

The tracks above are my favorites from the new album, which seems to be the band's first mainstream album. It downplays a lot of the weirdness that they have showcased on previous efforts, only letting it creep up here and there. It's just a really good electro-pop album, something Madonna wishes she was doing today. I know that there is tendency to lump all of this in with the new wave revival, but one listen should dispel that myth. The music is lush and very human, far from the machine music of New Order or Depeche Mode. There is a real sensuality to it, led by Goldfrapp's amazing voice and lyrics. This is not machine erotic, this seems like stuff for a human bedroom. Buy the album here, as it is well worth the purchase. I hope that it doesn't get lost in hype machine, as it deserves a greater audience.

-Father-Daughter Purity Balls. Does balls mean testicles? I'm not even sure, is the scary part. [Via Shakespeare's Sister]

-DJ A-Trak and The Rub are coming to Philly next Sunday, as PaperStreet is bringing them to the Walnut Room in Center City. Go here to get on the guest list, as that's going to be the only way to get in that night. Walnut Room is a small space, this should be an amazing night with Brooklyn's finest and Kanye's DJ.

-More urgently, if you are in Philly tonight, head to the Cinema at 3925 Walnut Street on Penn's campus for a performance by one of the greatest artists working in jazz today. Tim Berne's Big Satan is performing, along with the equally amazing Ellery Eskelin with Andrea Parkins and Jim Black. This will be one of the best night's of music in the city this year, a night dedicated to adventurous jazz. I need to promote the shows that Ars Nova put on here in the city, and delve a little deeper into the avant jazz of the 60s to present. In the meantime, go to this show.

-4 20 Dank!

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