Monday, April 24, 2006


The Noisettes

The Noisettes, "IWE"

Hi hi hi! Did you miss me everyone? Please say you did as I am a sad, pathetic person who needs to constantly be reassured and told how much he is loved. Anyway, I had a great weekend with my mami, celebrating our 1st Anniversary. It's amazing to believe that she has stayed with me this long; I think she's still working through the stuff I have sent her to download, which is the only thing that's delayed the inevitable. Seriously though, I am thankful every day that she has come into my life and made me happy and focused and hopeful. I look forward to celebrating many more with her

Unfortunately, it's Monday and another work week has begun. I feel like it's best to give upload some loud, crazy, noisy punk to sort of cleanse the Mondays, to drive them away and get everyone through the beginning of the week. The Noisettes are a London based trio that are a lot more subtle and catchy than their name suggests. They are noisy, loud, bringing that messy British punk sound mixed with a little Japanese noise screaming. But they also have a definite structure, a songwriting sense that does not bring to mind the Boredoms, say. I hate to use comparisons, but there is a distinct Yeah Yeah Yeahs feel to this track, perhaps not as catchy as the YYYs but just as loud and aggressive. Both are fronted by female singers, and the Noisettes' Shingai has just as versatile and powerful a voice as Karen O. This single, "IWE", is an early taste from their new album coming out later this summer. You can go and stream the B-side called "Malice In Wonderland". Check out their myspace page for more info, tour dates and songs.

-In a few hours, you will be done with work and can check out the Sweat Heart video release party for their single "Fingerbangin'" at Space 1026 here in Philly. [Via Philebrity]

-Another good way to get through a Monday is with retail therapy. Have you seen the new Supreme X Vans Sk8 Hi with the Public Enemy homage? Or these CLOT X Air Max 1? The new Mishka Spring line, including their collabo with SSUR? Sadly, I'll still be rocking my New Balances, pleated pants and cheap sweatshirts despite seeing all of this great stuff.

-Or you can look into the future, all the way to this summer when the World Cup goes down in Germany. Check out this new video called "Joga Bonito" to get excited for the greatest sporting event ever with the greatest athletes. Play beautiful, indeed. [Thanks to SR for sending this link]

-Or committ to change the future by volunteering with Anne Dicker campaign here in Philly. I just came across her campaign to represent the 175th District in the State Senate, but was immediately enamored by her stance against gambling in Philly. This is an issue that I have not addressed here, but which I believe to be one of the biggest threats facing the city. Dicker is one of the few voices dissenting, plus she is a progressives' dream from supporting choice to gun control in Philly. Best of all, she is not connected in any way to hideous Democratic machine people like Bob Brady, Vince Fumo, John Dougherty, John Street et al. Go here to donate or volunteer.

-Finally, you can count on Pound for Pound to be here all week, dropping the newest shit and OG classics for your listening enjoyment. We'll finally get to the Lil' Wayne, Byrne/Eno, Islands. We'll explore gypsy and klezmer music further and the Gogol scene. Plus, we'll be letting you know the scoop on concerts, politics, blogs, etc. Same shit, different week.

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