Saturday, April 01, 2006


Editors, "Lights"

Editors, "All Sparks"

In honor of the Editors/stellastarr* show tonight at the Trocadero, I figured that I would up a few songs from the Editors' debut album, The Back Room. Listen, I know what you're saying. Another fucking band from the UK with a ton of hype and a laundry list of cool influences like Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnyman. I know that it's hard to get excited, but trust me that this is one of the best to come out of the post-post-punk wave, up there with Bloc Party. They have a bona fide 5 or 6 great songs on this album, which gets to the heart of what seperates them from the pack. They write great songs, filled with spiky guitars, simple but haunting lyrics and a catchiness that is hard to forget.

Badminton Stamps has a few tracks up as well, with "Munich" possibly being my favorite on the CD. My Ex Best Friend and Can you see the sunset from the southside? both have tracks up, tooo. m3online continues to bring the heat, this time with some Editors and stellastarr*, who I have not heard yet. Finally, make sure to grab the live Editors set they did on KCRW radio over at The BM Rant.

The album looks like it's finally gotten a U.S. release, so buy it here for a much nicer price than the import was.

-I have to recommend this new-to-me blog called Silence Is A Rhythm Too, one of the best I have come across in a minute. The blog name, a reference to the classic song of the same name by the Slits, should give away the main direction of the site, as it is an amazing resource for post-punk gems.

-Why am I not at the show tonight? I am going to expend my energy at the return of Hollertronix at Metro Lounge tonight. Thta's right, Pop-off Shack: Hollertronix Edition tonight only. Diplo is back in town, and I am excited.

-For those who like to roll really late night, head over to Transit for Pleasuretown, which is running until 6 AM. Junior Sanchez is holding down the main room with house, King Britt is doing a 5 hour set in the basement, and emynd & Bo Bliz, Roxy Cottontail and others are gonna kill upstairs. I'mma try to make it, but my old bones can't stay up like they used to.

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