Friday, April 21, 2006

New Sense

New Sense, "Chase The Wind"

New Sense, "What If I Get Sick"

New Sense, "Roller Skate"

New Sense, "You Were Right"

It's Friday, I'm heading to NYC and I feel like dropping some new tracks from an up-and-coming band. What do those have to do with each other? Nothing, just somethin' to say, a way to keep my mind off the inevitable urine smell and uncomfortable seats that await me on the Chinatown bus. 2000 Liberty, treat me right tonight.

New Sense is the band that we are highlighting, a rising star out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home of cheese, That 70's Show and Midwestern values. Those values must include respect for pop music and catchy songs, as I really like what I hear. It kinda reminds of Spinto Band, with the loud guitars, the catchiness, the hummability factor is at an all-time high. These guys are on the verge of blogger star status, as they just opened for Voxtrot at their sold-out Mercury Lounge show. They also hit Rothko and Pianos, possibly hoping to see me walking around the LES. Not sure. Anyway, let me know what you think. For more info check out their webpage or their myspace page. Make sure to buy their new EP, Flowers Before Hours, and get in on the ground floor, before they are playing huge places and you are talking shit about how no one listened to them when they play small shows and how you hate these teenage idiots ruining the scene. Yeah!

-Huge night in New York City, as the record release show for DFA Remixes Chapter One is going down at Don Hill's in the West Village. The usual cast of DJs will be there, Tim Sweeney, Dave P, Justine D, plus there will be a special midnight performance by L-D Section - II. There may be free shit too, all for only $10.

-Quote of the century: John Roberts of CNN describing the qualification needed for being the White House Press Secretary:

Be willing to take it full in the face every day.

I knew there was some sick shit going on behind the scenes. I knew it. [Via Eschaton]

-Philly, I haven't forgotten about you. I am still working on these posts about the future of the city, and getting some thinking going on that. There are lots of good shows this weekend, and the Thrilladelphia fest starts and Making Time hits Saturday night. Yeah!

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