Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm Bossy


Kelis (ft. Too $hort), "I'm Bossy"

Kelis (ft. Too $hort), "I'm Bossy" (clean)

Kelis, "I'm Bossy" (instrumental)

Not me, Kelis is the bossy one. In fact, I have learned that I am passive aggressive, but I digress. This is a great song from the Milkshake girl, amazing beat by Bangladesh, I think, not sure how much radio play it's getting. It's a slow, steady burner, it doesn't have that dancefloor feel that "Milkshake" has. But, I think I may like it more, to be honest, as it's got this delicious, slow bass line, Kelis' sexy voice talking about being icey and bossy, and like a banging bottle.

Shit, the video is fire too, a nice Dave LaChapelle jawn that has Kelis in all her glory. Love, love, love the second act in the bar, with the spotlight as the only light. Great shot, I think it's been used in N.E.R.D.'s "Lap Dance" and lots of other videos. It still works for me. Oh, and ladies, pay special attention to this video. Do you notice that Kelis has cut her famous afro, rocking the short hair and looking absolutely stunning. Peep the video here, and let's hear your thoughts. Of course, Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage was on this shit a few weeks ago, I ain't never gonna keep up with bol. Read the entire post, as he drops knowledge about Portnoy's Complaint, T.I.'s new album and all the things he loves in life.

Oh, and the greatest part of all is the guest verse by the one, the only Too $hort. The Oakland legend kills it with a rap that warns about these bossy women and the damage they can do to your money stacks. Mang, it is so nice to hear Short Dogg on a big track, as the man deserves a much bigger audience. I'm thinking that I'm going to do my part on that front and dedicate a few posts to the man and his music. It will be a nice continuation of the Bay Area ish and a good lead-in to our return to Miami bass and booty music. Awww, I hope y'all ready, as we bout to run this game for good.

Here are few boss things:

-Natalie Portman on SNL in "Gangsta Rap". Again, short hair, ladies. Just sayin.

-The new Clipse single, "Mr Mee Too", can be had at DJ Benzi's site. Love the ominous beat and the Clipse verses. Pharell, enough, please. I don't wanna hear about BAPEs or Ice Creams anymore. Stop. Make sure to thank Benzi by going back and copping his next mixtape (or an old one), which is dropping soon.

-Make sure to cop A Silent Flute's first foray into mixtape-making, Universal Dress Rehearsal, (or it's the first that I've caught). Great mix, not what I expected. No Bmore club bangers, no jungle madness. Instead, you get a laid-back trip through psychedelia, Brazilian bossa and funk. Is there a tracklisting?

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