Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Shawnna and Rihanna

Rihanna, "S.O.S. (Rescue Me)"

Shawnna, "Gettin' Some (dirty)"

Shawnna, "Gettin' Some (instrumental)"

Shawnna, "Shake That Shit"

My G-d, was it a gorgeous day or what? In honor of such perfection, I figured that I would add two perfect pop songs from two beautiful women. I've come to "S.O.S" via MTV Jams, which means that it could be a few weeks/months old. Sorry, but I don't listen to the radio at all. Anyway, the Rihanna jawn is really great, an even better follow-up to the ubiquitous reggae hit "Pon De Replay." I can't get enough of that bassline, which sounds made for the dancefloor. Rihanna's vocals ride it all so perfectly, bringing a simmering energy to the song about obsession and love.

Shawnna is finally back, and she has dropped another great song. It's like you hear from her every few years, and she brings back one or two heaters and she disappears again to buy heels and camo pants and bikinis and ice and be cool. That's her above, for the record. It's a nice picture for the Queen of Dirty Raps, from her appearance on Ludacris' "What's Your Fantasy?" to the two tracks above. She's logically a Pound for Pound favorite, hoping we hear a lot more from her down the road.

-Speaking of hot songs and hot women, have you downloaded the Kelis song yet? "I'm Bossy", best song of the year, so far, in this blogger's opinion. I reuploaded it, so go get it, you will thank me.

-I wasn't speaking about douchebags, but that doesn't mean I can't mention this profile in the Sunday Times on Loren Kreiss. I actually read it in the Park Sunday and made MC read the first two paragraphs. It's been awhile since I've thrown up in my mouth, but this guy did it with quotes like "My watch and all my clocks are set to the wrong time," Mr. Kreiss said recently. "It's symbolic of me. I don't like to look at time." New York City, I feel bad for you, as this is the sort of tolls that are taking over large swathes of the city. It's rare that Gawker and I are so intrigued by the same thing, so this must be a good one.

-The Philadelphia 76ers season ends tonight, thankfully. Last night, Allen Iverson and Chris Webber showed up late and didn't play on this last home game, which caused a lot of controversy. It's a shame, as Iverson had an amazing year and didn't give any of his enemies a chance to attack him until now. Phil Jasner had a great piece in the Daily News a few days ago, listing the 10 things that the Sixers need to do this offseason. It's sad to say, but it might be for the best for this to be the last game of the Iverson Era tonight.

-Carl Bernstein has written the political piece of the day, a scathing critique of the Bush Administration in Vanity Fair. He thinks that the Senate Republicans should convene hearings to investigate the Bush administration and its lies and scandals. I think that Bernstein thinks too highly of the Republican Senate, but it's nice to see the voice of Watergate attack this President.

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