Friday, April 14, 2006

Lady Sovereign Part 2 - Vertically Challenged


Lady Sovereign, "Random (Menta Remix feat. Riko)"

Lady Sovereign, "Fiddle With The Volume (Ghislain Poirier remix)"

One more devoted to the little one, the 5-foot assassin. These tracks come off the Vertically Challenged EP, which was a lot better than I expected. Scratch that, it's really fucking good. Once you get over the Philly concert debacle, you realize just how talented Sov is. She's got great lyrics, a distinct style, and I'm always a sucker for an accent.

Vertically Challenged is a nice work to tide over everyone after the initial buzz peaked. I am sure most of you have heard this, but if not, go and buy it and get psyched for her full-length later this year. Oh, and again I have to say, where are the mixtapes from the grime, East London scene? I know that Lady Sov is arguably a part of this scene, but she is aligned with it to most Americans. How can she be signed to Jay Z's new label and no one has put out a mixtape of her hits, all of these remixes, some new shit of her rhyming over popular beats.

Anyway, I chose two remixes for this post, as I figure that most of you have heard the originals. If not, maybe we'll remedy that. Holler on that point. Ghislain Poirier kills it, per usual. I haven't mentioned this guy enough, not sure why, since I saw him open for Lady Sov and headline at Sin-e, thought his mix was the best of the lemon-red monthlies. He brings a dancehall vibe to "Fiddle With The Volume," continuing to demonstrate his ability to make you wanna dance no matter what he puts his touch to. We just need to get Montreal down to Philly, so he can really do it. The first track is a remix by Menta features a verse by Riko via phone, I think, with a nice grime beat.

Check out Villains Always Blink for a Rucker & Sindens vocal mix of "Random." disco-not-disco has the "Little Bit of Shh" remix done by Adrock of the one, the only Beasties Boys. Finally, Random circuits has "The Battle", although he seems to have Lady Sov as a guest on the track.

-In this vein, you absolutely must cop the Roll Deep mixtapes, Creeper Volumes 1 +2, that Logan Sama has so generously upped on his blog. Well, actually, he gives you a few links to grab them, but make sure to check the blog out for all sorts of grime info, radio shows and tunes. Yeah! [Via Mudd Up!]

-A request: Please let me know of any other good sources for grime tunes or pirate radio sets or anything in this vein. I have finally added Logan Sama's site to the permanent links on the right, and would like to expandd the grime offerings.

-I am headed to the Gogol Bordello show tonight at the Trocadero with MC, EC and L?. I am really looking forward to this show, as the last time I saw them, at the TLA last summer, they put on one of the best concerts I have ever attended. Plus, I finally can walk out of the house without looking like I'm on death's bed. I will review the show and post up some mp3s on Monday. Hell, I might dedicate the whole week to the Gogol scene and other music influenced or coming out of Eastern Europe. Also, I'll finally get up the Lil' Wayne I've been promising, some Massive Attack, the new Built to Spill, Eno-Byrne. This weekend, light posting, probably going to post some music videos I have been meaning to get up. What are weekends for if not sitting and staring at a screen? Everyone have a great weekend, check back soon.


Pound for Pound

Late Update: Krash Is King Shit and Handsome, Plastic Little at Tritone tonight. Be there, I will be.

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