Thursday, April 27, 2006

LIl Wayne - The Carter 2.0: Like Father Like Son

Lil Wayne, "Don't Give A Fuck"

Lil Wayne feat. Curren$y and Remy Martin, "Whrr Tha Cash"

Lil Wayne, "Problem Solver"

DJ Khaled feat. Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Pitbull, Rick Ross & Fat Joe, "Holla At Me Baby"

After the sadness of yesterday's post (although if you read it the way I intended it, it's actually a hopeful post at heart), I figured that I would try hard to make a happy post. Nothing makes me happier than having more Lil Wayne to listen to, so after much delay, here are some tracks from The Carter 2.0: Like Father Like Son mixtape, with songs that didn't make it onto the past two versions of The Carter, plus lots of exclusives and shit.

Mang, this is a great mixtape, another high point for Lil Wayne. It's funny, because the mixtape world is so immediate that you never really give each CD a chance, you never really sit and listen to the tape over a period of time and appreciate how good one is. This is a good example, a CD that I listened to immediately and put aside, really just waiting to post up the songs. However, over the past few days, in anticipation of this post, I started listening to it again and was struck how amazing it is. It's hard to believe that these guys put out a few of these a year, that they can come up with so much material without sounding uninspired.

This mixtape is a must, continuing to solidify Lil Wayne's place at the elite level of the game. I really could listen to him with that slow, sinister cadence rap the phone boook. I never thought that he would be able to stand on his own, always assuming that he would fade away if the Cash Money Millionaires drifted apart. I was wrong. Go here and buy more proof of this fact.

-More good news. lemon-red is back! Bol has been taking a break, getting ready to bring the heat as the Spring comes in. This week Chris simply kills it, dropping some video exclusives from The Streets, as Mike Skinner's new album drops. He also puts us up on the UK rap/grime video scene, which seems to be flourishing. There is also the continuing mix series, and the CD releases of prior mixes in the series for sale. The takeover has begun, lemon-red is an empire, be a part of it!

-disco-not-disco is back too! S/he had some server troubles, but is now back to posting the hotness, and the world is back in order. Gnarls Barkley, songs for a beautiful day and the Scissors Sisters should catch everyone up. Now, if he will just let me know what server he moved to, Pound for Pound could go to the next level for good.

-Rick Mariano resigned his position in City Council, meaning that he will no longer be getting a paycheck from the city of Philadelphia. He has found G-d and is asking for forgiveness. Even better, he is looking to talk to the feds, willing to rat out his friends. So appropriate that this bully, who insulted and screamed down opponents (cf the debate over funding new stadiums), who revelled in the thuggery of the electricians' union, who did nothing for this city is proven in the end to be a coward, a fucking snitch. Good riddance, another step forward for this city.

-The Flyers also won last night, drawing closer in their series with the Buffalo Sabres in the first round of the NHL playoffs. I will say no more, so as to avoid jinxing my boys.

-Finally, Cindy Margolis has agreed to pose in Playboy. Oh, I know what you're thinking. You just wanna see her boobs, you pervert. No, I support this move because she is a 40 year old woman with three kids and I hope that all women see that they are beautiful at any age. This is empowering, ladies, you go. Plus, I'm tired of seeing shiksas in Playboy.

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