Monday, February 04, 2008

Traxmen - Give The People What They Want

Quito Graf 07

Above is a great shot of some graffiti scrawlings on a wall in Quito, Ecuador, taken by Pound for Pound correspondant JH-B. Note the Jessica Te Amo, proof that she already has fans in South America.

Gant-Man, "Still Bangin" (YSI link)

Gant-Man, "Umn" (YSI link)

Gant-Man, "Untitled" (YSI link)

I saw hell this weekend and it was the L train running on one track. Ugh, body to body, 5 deep on the platform, my worst nightmare right now, ahead of breast reductions and a McCain presidency. When I'm feeling down and shook like this, I turn to one of Pound for Pound's spiritual homelands, Chicago, specifically the Chicago of the 80s, when the house sound took shape.

Let's go to our favorite source, Dance Mania Records, for today's dose. These tracks come from Dance Mania 257, released in 1998, the final record the Traxmen would put out under that name, one of the final releases documenting the second wave on the label, i.e. the ghetto/booty house period, led by DJ Funk and Robert Armani. This followed the acid house one of the 80s, which the Traxmen had a say in as well.

Give The People What They Want features one side of tracks by Eric Martin, the other by Gant-Man. The Gant-Man ones are my favorites, classic minimal jack trax with male and female call and responses, filthy lyrics. G-d, the drums on all three are so sick. Love the slow build-up on my favorite "Still Bangin'," with hi-hats, claps and rare keys. It's when that huge bass drum comes in that things get real serious real fast. This one is relentless, a runaway train, the vocals only add to it amazingly, as they fly out at a furious pace. "Umn" continues the nice use of a synth, which a nice melodic line lying on top of the banging below. Finally, there's the weed anthem "Untitled," which has a little extra bounce on the drums, a great combo with the male-female back and forth about getting free weed. All in all, a pretty essential B side, a must have for those who love the booty sound. Yeah!

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