Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Goldfrapp - A&E


Goldfrapp, "A&E" (YSI link)

Goldfrapp, "A&E (Hercules and Love Affair remix)"
(YSI link)

It's been too long since we've heard from Goldfrapp, one of my favorites groups sitting on the dance and pop border. What better way to brighten up this crappy, snowy day than with their newest single, "A&E"? The original version is definitely not what I expected to hear; it's pretty far from the glam electro sound that they have defined for the past few years. Instead, you hear a deep bass cello, lilting piano and harps, setting the mood nicely for Alison Goldfrapp to shine. Her voice is amazing, especially love when it goes up a little higher during the refrain. The closest comparsion that comes to mind here is Tracey Thorn, the more somber tone, the strings and the dazzling voice. You know how much I liked Thorn's LP, really looking forward to seeing what Goldfrapp have come up with for a long player.

It's hard to believe, but I was way more excited for the Hercules and Love Affair remix. The DFA group have had a few of their own releases, but this is the first remix that I know of. Andy Butler doesn't disappoint on this one, as he's taken the original and taken it into leftfield. Butler's built this one out of a lot of percussion and drums, a bit of Alison Goldfrapp's vocals, a sampled children's choir, chiming bells and a wicked little bassline. It has a shuffling, halting feel, which I love, but I'm not sure that everyone can get behind. For me, it sounds like nothing else I've heard recently, something that touches on deep house, tribal, maybe even a little new rave, but without really subscribing to any of those genres. Give it a listen, let us know what you think.

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Steven said...

I just listened to the Goldfrapp's new album for the first time today. First there was "Felt Mountain" which was amazing and so different at the time of it's release, then "Black Cherry" and "Black Cherry Part 2" AKA "Supernature" which are both perfect from beginning to end and now "7th Tree." Which doesn't sound like anything they've ever release before and thank god for that. "A&E" is perfect and beautiful.