Friday, February 01, 2008

HeartsRevolution & Lauren Flax - CYOA


HEARTSREVOLUTION, "CYOA! (Lauren Flax remix)" (YSI link)

Okay, here's a quick one that I wanted get out there, really excited to see this one in my inbox. It brings together a lot of my favorites, Iheartcomix Records, HEARTSREVOLUTION and Lauren Flax, all rising stars who deserve a bigger audience.

HEARTSREVOLUTION is a New York City-based duo, Leyla Sefai and Ben Pollock, who were first known for the Heartschallenger lifestyle brand and Ice Cream Truck, which they drove to various galleries, parties and events to show off their favorite things in art, music, whatever. Oh, and ice cream, they have ice cream! They've released two limited edition records, including a split 6" with the Crystal Castles, a great choice and good comparison for those looking for a signpost.

They are now releasing their first 12" record on Franki Chan and Travis Hayden's Iheartcomix label for their song "Choose Your Own Adventure." The original mixes punk with electro, it's actually really good, hard to quite classify. It doesn't have the pace or energy of punk or the new electro stuff, although it draws from both. I'm super excited to post up the Lauren Flax remix, someone super talented whose remixes sound unique and different each time. Imagine that, remixes that aren't cookie cuttered, but are actually sensitive to the song! On this one, Flax has stretched out the original and turned it epic with gorgeous strings. I imagine this version playing at the climax scene of some George Clooney political thriller, only the big screen can hold this one. Just as importantly, she has given it a more consistent, thumping beat and cut the vocals down to make the whole thing flow. Excellent stuff.

Check out their myspace page, as it looks like they and the ice cream truck will be touring the globe in the coming months, including Vegas, SXSW, WMC and Europe. Make sure to cop the official 12" when it drops net month, support good people doing good things. Lots of a great remixes, including one from Brodinski, we'll keep you updated on this one.

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