Thursday, February 21, 2008

Etienne Jaumet - Repeat Again After Me

Etienne Jaumet - Repeat Again After Me

Etienne Jaumet, "Repeat Again After Me"
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While y'all are out dancing and partying and drinking and kissing, I'm home, watching Revenge of the Nerds and trying to talk myself into buying the Marc Jacobs derby shoes from his Spring line (if you work for MJ and can get me discount, holler at a kid) Most importantly, I'm home getting back in the swing of things here at Pound for Pound. We got through this week, barely, hope you missed me.

Let's start back with a great new techno track out of Europe from newcomer Etienne Jaumet, "Repeat Again After Me." This is his first release and it's a doozy, this slow-building, kinda ominous, kinda acid-y techno track that stretches out to 13+ minutes. Add in some non-jazzy horns and you have yourself a really sick track.


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No need for rapidshare when you can see the entire show for free ;):

Enjoy !