Saturday, February 02, 2008

Jamie Jones - Should Have Gone Home

Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones, "Should Have Gone Home" (YSI link) 320

Late-night post here, which is the only time I could put up this track from rising techno star Jamie Jones. For everyone who has ever been out to a club, hell anyone who has ever been out at a bar or a party or anything, "Should Have Gone Home" will only make you nod your head. A drugged voice tells the common lament: "It was 2 am, so we started to rock. It was 4 am and the place got hot. It was 6 am, I was all alone. When did they leave me? I should have gone home." Indeed. This song should be played for every grade school student in the world, the lesson that nothing comes in the final few hours of the night is way more important than stupid fractions and shit. This is a life lesson people! Go home!

Anyway, these words are spoken over a minimal, bleepy track that works so well, suitably eerie and ominous for a song about the late, late hours. I hate to use the minimal tag, as there's so much going on here. The drums are amazing, it sounds like 3 or 4 layers of them at times. They drive the track, giving it that perfect feel for an end of the night themed song, wound down but still driving forward. I'm never great with the genre labels, but for me there's a slight house feel to this one, a little more rhythm than what I traditionally associate with techno.

London-based Jones, with releases on Crosstown Rebels, Freak 'n' Chic, Get Physical and B Pitch Control, is a young artist that everyone is going to have keep an eye. Hopefully, there's a full LP on the way, in the meantime, go to Beatport and check out his other work. Check out his myspace page for more info and club dates. Let us know what you think, as I may

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