Monday, February 18, 2008

Sticky: Help Wanted - Web Designer

This is long overdue, I feel like I have been threatening to make this site look good for a year now. Ahh, no looking back now, we're only looking forward. With that I'm hoping to find someone to redesign this website, make it look nice and snazzy and add some new features and generally help me through the process.

I am asking you, my dear readers, for recommendations. Do you do this for a living? Do you have your own site and have a great recommendation of the person who designed it for you? If so, please email me at when you have a moment, as I would love to hear from you. If you're a designer, please send some examples of your work and cost. If you're a blogger, let me know any info you can, like cost, time, reliability, etc.

Thanks for your help, excited to make this happen. I am going to leave this at the top for a few days, so make sure to check below for the latest music and party info. Yeah!

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Nicolas Legrand said...


i was just reading one of your post thinking that u should redisign your website ... and going to the newest post looking for nice track i have found indeed a nice surprise : yes there will a new design for your site!

here is my page, i am designing website.

The page is in french, sorry for that, but u ll get the most of it since portfolio and contact are international words ;)