Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Best Albums 2006 - Sleepers

Don't make the same mistake. Don't sleep on these records.

Here's my Top 5 albums that people seemed to sleep on in general or just in compiling the end of year lists. It's not really an insult to anyone, as I don't think that these 5 necessarily were the best of the year. But, I do think that they were very good records that were ignored for a variety of reasons and I hope to rescue them from the dustbin of history.

The Strokes, First Impressions Of Earth - That's right, I'm sticking up for The Strokes. While I know that this will incur the wrath of all the anonymous douchebag commentors on the big indie blogs, I don't give a fuck. These guys write some amazing rock songs, it's that simple. This album is far from great, as it's too long and inconsistent. But enough is enough. Yes, the lead singer had famous parents, they didn't have to tour in vans like Fugazi, they date annoying actresses, they're all surface man. Get over yourselves and listen to this track below. Don't let the hate blind you to something good. I want this to be a safe place for Julian Casablanca and co. Buy a copy here, give it a chance.

The Strokes, "You Only Live Once" (YSI link)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Show Your Bones - This one is a tough call, as it got a few mentions here and there in my look at various end of year lists. Show Your Bones had huge buzz when it came out, so it definitely isn't the traditional sleeper. But, it was noticeable absent from a lot of the bigger outlets and it featured a few of my favorite songs of the year. Yeah Yeah Yeahs became a rock band on this album, as their sound is fuller and more impressive than on previous outing. Also, the songwriting is astronomically better, leading to their first album that works all the way through. I feel like this one would be on more lists and have a higher position if they hadn't gotten so popular with it. Grab a copy and help feed a starving Interscope exec's child.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Gold Lion" (YSI link)

Peaches, Impeach My Bush - My girl, she's gotten little love at the end of the year for her album, Impeach My Bush. No clue why, as it's a solid LP straight through, finding Peaches developing a new, rockier sound. Two great singles came off this one; it may not be The Teaches of Peaches, but it's a damn good album that you should give a listen. See my original review here, buy a copy of the CD and make the love affair official.

Peaches, "Downtown" (YSI link)

The Gossip, Standing In The Way Of Control - This one dropped in January 2006, which I hope is the reason it hasn't gotten more end of the year love. The Gossip are one of favorites, bringing that riot-grrl energy and lyrics but with an open sound that is as influenced by dance and pop as it is punk and indie. I think that this is my favorite album from them, as Beth Ditto just keeps getting better and better. The title track became a huge single with lots of remixes, a nice development that makes up for the lack of blog and critical attention. "Listen Up!" might be even better (more cowbell), it's a 30 minute, mean, lean, fighting machine. Make sure to buy the CD, as you won't regret it.

The Gossip, "Listen Up!" (YSI link)

The Rapture, Pieces of the People We Love - I pretty much came up with this post so that I could mention The Rapture and their 2006 album, Pieces of the People We Love. This is a good album, it didn't quite make my top 10 list, but it was in consideration. It seems to have generated little interest, especially with the indie bloggers, and I can't understand. I know that this ain't no Echoes (what is?) but this is still an excellent album with a handful of great tracks. I feel like The Rapture are paying the price for the fickleness of the scene they came out of and helped build. Check out my original review and grab a copy of the most slept-on album imo.

The Rapture, "Pieces Of The People We Love" (YSI link)


noiseboy said...

great list. all these albums have been on repeat on my iPod most of the year.

screw indie blog peer pressure.

gretchen said...

From the looks of your list, I think you'd appreciate a heads up on the Klaxons...great band from the UK. Check out their scene at!