Thursday, February 15, 2007

Krazy Baldhead - Bill's Break

Krazy Baldhead, "Bill's Break" (YSI link)

Krazy Baldhead, "Bill's Break (Feadz remix)" (YSI link)

It's been a minute since I dropped any Ed Banger jawns, so I'm correcting this now. I know that they've got a lot of new stuff dropping now and in the near future, including Krazy Baldhead's new 12", but I wanted to take it back to the old days. All the way back to 2004. You remember it, when we were at war with Iraq, and this blog was just a figment in the imagination of a nerd. Seems like ages ago. Anyway, this 12" is the fourth release on Ed Banger Records, but you can already hear a distinct sound. Stuttering beats, tons of synth action, mutant bangers in a sense.

-I mentioned it in the last post, but it deserves 2 mentions. Ed Banger in NYC! Uffie! Feadz! You also get Philly's V.I.P., although they may be based in NYC now which lessens my recommendation.

-Beforehand, you can hit up Splash Dance! with Lauren Flax and Defidelity 5-6000 at Hotel QT (125 W. 45th St., yes 45th St.). Johnny Love of Guns'n'Bombs is not going to be there, as he's stuck in Boston.

-Broadzilla Thursday night jump-off at Upstairs at Sal's, this is your new Thursday night spot Philly.

-Bangerism jumps off in Portland tonight with special guest DJ Never Forget. He's joining Hoop Dreams and Pointblank at Dunes for Plug pre-party

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