Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mike Dunn Presents MDIII - Face The Nation

Mike Dunn Presents MDIII, "Face The Nation" (YSI link)

Mike Dunn Presents MDIII, "Personal Problem" (YSI link)

I mentioned acid house earlier in the week and namedropped Josh Wink yesterday, so I had to drop this monster of an acid house 12". It's officially called Mike Dunn Presents MDIII and is a pretty classic slab of aceeeeeedddddddd, late 80s. Since rave is back in with the whole Klaxons scene, it seems to make sense to bring out the stuff that was coming out when raves were actually a new and radical thing.

Mike Dunn is a legendary figure in house music, for those that don't know.

-Another amazing little event tonight, this one in Brooklyn. BRIC's Rotunda Gallery has a symposium on my favorite show on TV (possibly favorite of all-time, drama style), HBO's The Wire, featuring the people behind the show, including Richard Price. That's the Richard Price, author of Clockers and Freedomland and countless other books that sit high on my all-time favs list. It's part of their Stoop Series, starts at 7, first come first seated. Best of all, my bol, Elliot, a.k.a. Elz, a.k.a. The Simple Mission, will be providing a soundtrack to the night.

-GBH and Cheeky Bastard do it up at Hiro Ballroom with Alex English and The Ruff Kids and like a million other people. By the end of the year, I want my name to be on the flier somehow.

-Franki Chan is in Vancouver tonight at The Jumpoff. Shine Nightclub (

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