Sunday, February 18, 2007

Erol Alkan - Disco 2006 mix

Update: I re-upped the mix, just click on the link and it should be good to go.

Erol Alkan, Disco 2006 mix
(YSI link)

Here's a little Sunday treat for everyone, Erol Alkan's Disco 2006 mix that he did for Mixmag. I thought it would be a great shortcut to the best singles and remixes of the year, as I honestly don't have the ability to either rate all of the amazing songs from this year nor the desire to chronicle all in a few posts. Mr. Alkan has done me a favor and put together a 70 minute mix that incorporates many of the best that would have ended up on any list. I'll leave the tracklisting in the comments, but you'll hear The Knife, Hot Chip, Justice, Digitalism, Peaches, Spank Rock, Switch. In essence, a full year of posts at Pound for Pound, a great chance to hear the best music of the whole year. I've already discussed it, but let me repeat that this electro/house/dBest of all, it's done by Erol Alkan, another man who helped make 2006 amazing. Mixmag named him DJ of the year, so it makes sense that he put this mix together.

My only qualm with it is in the title. Just not sure how literal the word Disco is meant to be. If it references the disco as club, that's cool. But, if it's meant to describe the music on the mix, I don't get it.

This week, I'm gonna wrap up my look back on 2006 with a few posts on albums that meant a lot to me, amazing LPs that may not have gotten as much blog hype and media attention as I think they deserve. Basically, albums and mixes that I really think you need to buy from artists on the rise who helped define the year for me. Of course, we'll have our regular mix of new and old too; the time to look back is ending, on all fronts.


Bruno said...

Ah, bollix, seems like i came too late to get this mix, both Yousendit and Sendspace are giving me a "Too late, sucker!" warning.


no1uno said...

very sad I did not get this one...can anyone repost?

no1uno said...

so sad that I missed this a repost possible?

Jack said...

bruno, no1uno and all my dear readers,

i will reupload this mix in the next few hours. you weren't too slow, i think that the file didn't upload properly.

check back later today and we'll get you that mix.


pound for pound

S.Subito said...

hi there - check the latest tune at - you might like it...

DJ Paul V. said...

I've been giving this tip to all my blog buddies:

Go to -

This site is free, and hosts unlimited downloads. And, it's really easy to stream/play stuff too.

Seriously - check it out!!!

Bruno said...

Cheers, man, got the file now.

Awesome stuff!

no1uno said...

Thanks Jack!!