Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lo-Fi-Fnk - Boylife

Lo-Fi-Fnk, "Steppin' Out" (YSI link)

Lo-Fi-Fnk, "The End" (YSI link)

I figured that I would finally take a look at Lo-Fi-Fnk, a band that DJ Never Forget put me on months ago in honor of No Big Deal last night. Let's see, the band is a duo consisting of Leo on vocals and lots of instruments and August on drums. Boylife is their first full length release, coming out in 2006 on Moshi Moshi. They're yet another brilliant young Swedish band, repping Stockholm to full effect.

The music should appeal to anyone who likes the music I post up here. It's right in line with bands like Hot Chip, The Blow, you know, all of those great artists who are blurring the line between electro and rock, dance and indie. The songs here are much more on the lighter side than most of the reference points I named, just gorgeous, beautiful music that makes you think of spring and warm weather and 40s and girls and rooftops and water ice.

-Aww yeah, all kinds of Pound for Pound crossover effect tonight in LA. My bol Daniel's amazing weekly Le Disko has special guest DJs Lauren Flax and E Frank in from NYC for the best thing in that city (sorry Oscar). It goes down at Safari Sam's (5214 Sunset Blvd.), not to be missed.

-Huge props to the Finger On The Pulse bols and Cousin Cole and anyone else who had in putting togther No Big Deal last night at Studio B. It was a great night, real nice crowd of people there to dance with no concern for what photo website was in the house, nice mix of music, yeah! I know that this one will go down again in a month or two, I'll keep you posted.

Oh, and the iPod battle beforehand was bizarre. One of the teams was disqualified when he attempted to smash the face of a competitor with a skateboard, then his fist when the skateboard was taken away. The finals didn't happen b/c a team that seemed to have a bye into the finals had an older iPod that didn't fit in the dock system. Congrats to the Wowch guys on their victory, I think.



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