Thursday, October 27, 2005

What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?

How's it do? I wanted to check in and drop some link-y goodness, as I'm gonna save the two Clipse mixtapes for the weekend. Big news today, as it appears that George W. Bush is going as a weasel this year. He nixed the nomination of his good buddy and the President of the Official W Fan Club, Harriet Miers today. It isn't surprising news, as no one had stepped up to defend her from the constant attacks of the past few weeks. Josh Marshall has a good post looking back at Miers and forward to the next choice. Mark Schmitt does the same.

As for the next choice, be afraid, be very afraid. Bush caved into the radical right wing with Miers, and he will make sure to please his voting base with this next nomination. Maybe Ruth Ginsburg can dress up as a white, male, strict constructionist.

-I would love to see Karl Rove and "Scooter" Libby go as criminals this year, dressed in orange jumpsuits or those black and white numbers a la the Hamburgler. No indictments today, but most people seem to think that they will be announced tomorrow. *Late Update: Libby to be indicted tomorrow, Rove not indicted, grand jury will be extended by Fitzgerald, investigation to continue. [Via Talking Points Memo]*

Murray Waas
has the story of the day in The National Journal, writing that Dick Cheney and Libby withheld documents from the Senate Intelligence Committee last year. Rep. Jerry Nadler has asked Congress to expand Fitzgerald's investigation to answer whether the White House deceived Congress in order to get us to war. Tip of the iceberg, he says. Josh Marshall and Laura Rozen are leading the charge to expose more of the iceberg, putting the focus on the reason for Joe Wilson's trip way back when: the forged documents that said Iraq was trying to buy uranium from Niger.

-It seems safe to say that everyone in the White House is dressing as Ashton Kutcher, punking the citizens of this country. How else to explain this story? (Or this one?) Iraq, Katrina, Wilma, SCOTUS, huge deficits, Iran and Syria? Fuck that, we need to take down The Onion. For real, this is not a joke. (Via TA)

- Do you have plans for Halloween weekend? I will be here in Philly Friday night, that is definite. Great flier, crazy cool event. Halloween party in a funeral home? Yes, yes. I hope to make it to some of the cool events in NYC this weekend too, as The Rub is Saturday, Caps and Jones in Brooklyn and Diplo with Catchdubs in the West Village on Halloween night.

-What's that? What am I going as? Slick Rick, with a possible reprise of my Flavor Flav costume from Hollerween last year at the Ukie. Holler.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this stuff. I'm a regular reader, and I appreciate both the music and the political content. Far too much shit going down these days not to spread the word.

Jack said...


There is far too much shit going on, and it just seems to get more overwhelming and awful each day. Trying to do my part, as minor as that is, while trying to maintain sanity in insane times.

Thanks so much for checking in. I can't tell you how much I appreciate hearing from readers, as it's always nice to get some feedback. I hope that you will check in more often, and let me know what you are thinking about, what you think of the blog, the music, etc. Holler.