Tuesday, October 04, 2005

L'shanah Tovah

I wanted to wish those celebrating a Happy New Year, as Rosh Hashanah has begun. The High Holidays (and the Flyers' season) have come upon us, making this a most serious and pious time at Pound for Pound.

I will not be posting again until Thursday, so check in then for some more Dylan thoughts and songs, plus lots of random booty music and links and lots of love for Philly. In other words, the usual. In the meantime, click on the links to the right for info, music and entertainment. They are the cream of the crop, they rise to the top, they never eat a pig because a pig is a cop. Don't get too into them, as I want you back.

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McStallen said...

Flyers- Bah! Check out Mother Russia's finest, Alexander Ovechkin, as he kicks capitalist ass all around the Norris divison- or whatever the hell division he skates in. Damn that Gary Bettman and his division renaming/reallignment campaign. Na zdorovje!