Thursday, October 20, 2005

UGK Chopped and Screwed

UGK, Diamonds and Wood (chopped and screwed by DJ 007)

UGK, Let Me See It (c+s by DJ 007)

UGK, Pinky Ring (c+s by DJ 007)

Here are some tracks off of the Jive Records Presents: UGK Chopped and Screwed album, a sort of greatest hits album given the slowed down treatment by DJ 007. These are some of the better tracks, which isn't saying much. I cannot recommend this one at all, as DJ 007 does a horrible job. Horrible! Some songs sound terrible (distortion?), as the bass is up too high. He doesn't chop the songs with any skill, instead just sort of randomly repeating a line here and there. Finally, he doesn't really screw most of the songs, as they don't sound noticeably slower. The whole thing just seems sloppy and opportunistic, another chance for Jive to milk a few more bucks out of the group that they screwed over for years.

Our next post will feature the master's take on UGK, as I will post up some of DJ Screw's interpretations of UGK. It really doesn't get any better, and might be the conclusion of our Bun B week.

-More Plame news, as this thing heads to its conclusion. Go here to read the New York Daily News' scoop that Bush has known of Karl Rove's involvement in leaking Valerie Plame's name for TWO years! Go here to read Americablog's speculation about the possible problems for the President in all of this. Josh Marshall raises more great questions at Talking Points Memo.

-The reaction in the blog world has been spot-on with regard to Judith Miller's involvement with the Valerie Plame scandal, calling everyone out on this embarrassment. Greg Mitchell at Editor & Publisher has the best piece, calling on the New York Times to fire Miller and apologize to its readers for this disgrace. Arianna Huffington continues to put Judith Miller and the Times on blast (all of her posts are fire), and this is one of my favorites along those lines. Matthew Gross has a nice analogy on what this case is for the Times, and offers a nice summary of blog links.

-On a lighter note (mmm, puns are sexy!), it turns out that fatter guys are more trustworthy and less prone to cheating. Before us fat guys get too happy, the reason is that we have less testosterone because of our giant bellies, i.e. we are lesser men. Science has just gotten meaner, hasn't it?

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