Sunday, October 16, 2005

UGK- Ridin' Dirty

UGK, One Day

UGK, Diamonds and Wood

UGK, Fuck My Car

It seems like a great time to put up some UGK tracks for your listening pleasure, after hearing how great the Bun B and Pimp C songs are on the new one. Plus, we do talk about Southern rap all the time, so it makes sense to talk about the originators, the group that helped pave the way for all the that has transpired recently.

These first tracks come off their stone cold classic Ridin' Dirty. This album should be talked about in the same breath as other classic hip hop albums (Illmatic, Ready to Die, etc.), but unfortunately it came out before the South ran things, Jive did a terrible job promoting these guys, and people just weren't ready for this sound. If you do not have this album, go here and buy it immediately. There are no excuses, especially if you are reading this fucking blog. It still sounds fresh-- nearly 10 years later, it's still the standard by which all other Southern rap is judged. The slowed down, funk sounds, the down-South slang, and the tales of drugs and women and everyday life all came together perfectly on this album, the duo's best.

Next up, a few tracks from Side Hustles, a compilation of remixes and guest appearances and general miscellany.

-Go here for more UGK talk, as Cocaine Blunts & Hip Hop Tapes is doing his usual scholarly, intelligent take on all things hip hop. I almost hate to delve into the same topic, as I know that he's gonna bring an 'A' game that consists of history lesson/aesthetics/rare songs for download. Imma see what I can do, as I ain't ready to concede defeat yet.

-Serg at So Many Shrimp is also paying respect to Bun B the last few days. It's clear that we did not coordinate our uploading, as we put up most of the same songs. All is not lost, as he put up "The Story" from Trill, a nice intro and history lesson before you listen to what goes up here over the next few days. Bun tells the story of UGK, their dealings with Jive, and his brother Pimp C going to jail. As Serg says, "These might be country rap tunes but this is about as hiphop as it fucking gets. If you want to front on bun well then don't ever bother reading this website ever again because you're a worthless piece of shit." Hit up Serg's blog, Beer and Rap, for some rants, San Fran stuff, hip hop, etc.

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