Sunday, October 23, 2005

Cam'ron Shot In Failed Carjacking

I just saw this one on the wire, although it may be old news to many. Cam'ron was shot early this morning in Washington D.C., as an attempted carjacking turned violent. It sounds like Cam'ron, a.k.a. Cameron Giles, is okay, and in no serious risk, as the bullet hit both his arms. Go here to read a better account at, and here to read MTV's coverage.

Favorite part of the story: his manager is called Big Joe in the Reuters story. Just Big Joe, no last name, no quotes around Big, nothing. We are all living in a Dip Set world now.

-In other breaking news today, it seems likely Patrick Fitzgerald is planning on bringing charges this week in the Valerie Plame leak case. Go here for the story, here for a helpful look at the cast of this story, and here to see the website that the feds set up Friday afternoon. It's going to be an interesting week, as I can barely sleep at the thought of Rove, Libby et al being indicted.

-I am going to put up a special mixtape or two this coming week, finish up the look at UGK and generally kill it. It's just a real big week for the country, people, a real big week.

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