Monday, October 10, 2005

Bun B Week, Month, Year, Decade...

Slim Thug, I Ain't Heard Of That (feat. Bun B)

Lil' Flip, Game Over (remix) (feat. Bun B and Young Buck)

Webbie, Gimme That Pussy (feat. Bun B)

Slim Thug, Three Kings (feat. Bun B and T.I.)

Before you do anything, click here and download the Bun mixtape, King of the Trill: Bun's Greatest Verses, that Matt Sonzala has put up at Houston So Real. The backstory is that Rapid Ric had worked on this mixtape for months, putting in the time and patience only Bun deserves. But, with Bun's album, Trill, about to drop, his label, Rap-A-Lot, did not want it to come out. (Smart one, guys. G-d forbid you created some hype on the streets and in the press in advance of the album drop.) Lucky for us, Bun and Matt have decided to give it away for free, giving us a chance to hear the greatest verses by one of the true legends of the game, a nice taste before the album (the most anticipated one of the year at Pound for Pound). Download it, as it really is "an amazing work of art" as Matt put it.

In celebration of Bun B month at Houston So Real, I figured that I would do my share to spread the man's music this week. These first ones are just an intro, audio proof of how dominant Bun has been this last year or two. These are probably some of the best known verses of his recent work, although there were a few more that I could have easily chosen. Check back often, as I will be putting up only Bun B and UGK tracks up this week in my posts. I will also try to finally write up my thoughts on the Bun B/Hollertronix/DJ Assault night in Brooklyn a few weeks ago, complete with some goodies from the other two acts that night.

Also, I am sure that you will notice an increase in links to news stories as well as an increased focus on politics. I promise that it won't be preachy, but it seemed a bad look for me to discuss everything but news and politics. Feel free to give your opinion on this development, good or bad.

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wcwdfy said...

go get that album... its rapid
here's the same album, but the tracknames are labeled and the mp3's are id3'd.