Monday, October 31, 2005

The Scariest Day of The Year

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That's right, it's October 31st, Halloween, a night for ghouls and goblins, when scary stories are told and horror movies watched. This year, no one needs that fake shit, we've got the real thing. What else to say about the nomination of Samuel Alito, a man dubbed "Scalito" and "Scalia-lite"? He is the Right's wet dream, Princeton, Yale Law, white, male, against judicial activism except when it serves the interests of conservatisim. Quite simply, it's a treat for the right wing/religious conservatives, who demanded repayment for bringing Bush victory in 20o4, and a trick for everyone else who just wants the government to serve everyone's interests.

It wasn't hard to see that Bush, beset by scandal and incompetence, would play to his base, those who want to overturn Roe v, Wade, who want the Court uphold states' rights except if the state wants to do something they don't like, who want to return to earlier times before Roe, the Voting Rights Act, Social Security. It's also not shocking that he would rush this decision in order to get the news of his Vice President's involvement in the CIA leak out of the news. While I understand the need to change the subject, he did not consult any Democratic senators on this decison. Are you fucking kidding me?

It is a really sad and pathetic choice by Bush. There is nothing sadder than seeing a man brought to his knees by his patrons, but there is no other way to see this. He talked diversity before, he talked about bringing people together, he talked about a new voice other than a federal court judge, he talked. That will be the gist of the man's presidency. He talked a good game, but his actions were simply the work of an incompetent, a liar and a fraud. A conservative who destroyed the federal budget. A uniter who divided worse than ever before. An ethical man (unlike the previous President) whose second term is marred by scandals everywhere. The 9/11 President who has done nothing to capture the man responsible for it, who lead us into a war that has only benefitted our enemies, and a man under whose administration our government has done nothing to protect our citizens from another attack. He talked about Iraq, but did nothing to plan for the reality on the ground.

Philly's own Atrios has already picked up on my theme here, as he looks at the words of Scott McClellan today at his press briefing, picked up by Think Progress. "Cooperating fully with the Special Counsel"? Scooter Libby was indicted for obstruction of fucking justice! All I can say is: Calgon, TAKE ME AWAY!

-After this kind of day, it only makes sense to go out and dress up, drink too much and have fun, as there is no sense sitting at home worrying, imagining doomsday and reading too much news. That's my job. Everyone else, go to Sway tonight for Roxy's Halloween party. Diplo is spinning, along with Catchdubs and I-Trak. In Brooklyn, Caps and Jones are holding it down at Savalas (second best flier, btw). In Philly, Philebrity celebrates the holiday with Monster Mash-Up (please, G-d, no actual mash-ups, please). Yah Mos Def, DJ Ron Morelli of Reagan Disko Headache and strippers.

-Before you head out, make sure to head over to lemon-red and grab his October mix as this is your last chance. Certified Bananas, it is indeed. More to come on l-r, as big things are going down for bol from what I hear and read.

-Also, a last chance to grab this mix over at Yewknee, a Halloween/spooky themed one that should hold up for the rest of the year, looking ahead to the horror lies in the news. [Via Catchdubs]

-This week at Pound for Pound, we will be getting back to the music, as I promise to upload the two Clipse mixtapes. I will put up some pics and thoughts on the madness that was Child's Play Friday night. More Scooter Libby stuff, Supreme Court, state of the world, blah blah blah. I'm also going to give youse guys and girls a chance to vote on the next mp3 focus here: Three 6 Mafia vs. Miami Bass vs DJ Screw.


Anonymous said...

After Bun B month it's only appropriate that DJ Screw get his due. The political climate certainly warrants an altered state of consciousness, even if you're only using music to get there.

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thanks for the party shout


jayo said...

miami bassssssssssssssssssssssssss.

if only because it's the choice i'm least familiar with.