Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Locked Up! I Hope They Don't Let Them Out

This is a special "Indictments Issue" of Pound for Pound, as we take a look at two scandals bringing down awful people in D.C. and Philly.

-I want to scream this news to the world, but instead I am going to write it for my four readers. According to Steve Clemons, indictments in the Valerie Plame leak case are coming out Thursday morning. The target letters have already been sent to the indicted, the court will receive them tomorrow sealed, and the world will find out the next day. Go here and read his post for the specifics, and then take a deep breath. Think Progress updates with a CBS story, which confirms that Patrick Fitzgerald will announce his decision to indict today. Even better, CBS introduces a Mr. X to the story, claiming he is the real source of the leak. All I'mma say is this; if it's Donald Sutherland, I'm going to shit the bed. Anyway, I waited this day out to give you the latest news, and here it is. Grand jury adjourned for the day.

-In more local news, Rick Mariano, Philadelphia City Councilman, was indicted Tuesday afternoon. This warms my heart as much as the White House scandal, as it's another front in the war against corruption in the city. He is accused of taking bribes in return for his political support, as he helped out a few businessmen in his district. Shockingly, he has been one of the people working and voting against ethics reform.

You know what? I had another nice, long rant to put here, but I am going to save it. I'm going to be starting something up soon that will allow me to discuss Philly, NYC, cities in greater detail, as I want to keep the focus on music, art, politics here. The short version of the rant is this: It's time for the people of Philadelphia to stand up and say enough is enough, or forever acknowledge that we don't deserve a better city. Philadelphia: America's Hometown shows the next step that we can all take on November 7.

-More music later today, as I'm going to be putting up music from The Clipse, more specifically both volumes of We Got It For Cheap. The King James/Bun B mixtape should be up in the next hour or so, so go grab it.

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