Monday, October 03, 2005

Breaking Bonaduce

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Okay, a little more light fare before I do a few overly serious, pretentious, pseudo-intellectual posts on Dylan. I know that everyone can't wait, but I needed to discuss what I saw last night.

I want-- nay, I need-- to discuss a show that I caught for the first time last night, Breaking Bonaduce. It is a reality show on VH-1, following Danny Bonaduce around, including into therapy with his wife as they attempt to save their marriage. The first episode opens with Danny telling his wife that he cheated on her, and that is the least overwhelming moment if you can imagine. All I can say, after nearly 24 hours of deliberation, is holy fucking shit!!! I have never been so entertained, sickened and frightened by a televised incident since the time Nancy Kerrigan hosted Saturday Night Live. While that episode was great for the sheer awkwardness and uncomfortable silences, this is a whole different beast.

Breaking Bonaduce is a train wreck, plain and simple, and I love it. And I hate myself for loving it. I mean, some of the scenes are unbelievable, like when Danny rides the streets of his LA suburb on a motorized scooter, shirtless, with a blank stare, on his way to buy a bottle of vodka for his first drink in months. I'm sure you'll be surprised to hear that he is a recovering alcoholic. There is binge drinking, crazy outburts at the cameras, and even threats directed at his therapist, a muscular version of David Gest. To top it off, he is a steroid user, injecting them into his ass at various points.

I cannot recommend this show more highly, as it is sure to be talked about for years to come. It is helping me to implement my plan to only watch television that makes me feel better about my own life. I am cutting the fat out, and getting my TV diet down to this show, Blind Date reruns and Taradise.

-Want to see more crazies inebriated and actin' in both a hilarious and frightening manner? Well, you're in luck! Head here and watch two clips of Steve-O's appearance on Too Late with Adam Carolla, the new show on Comedy Central. This is great stuff, especially clip 2, when he falls down. Carolla is a deer in headlights, giving us the rare chance to see what TV would be like if the teleprompters didn't work. By the way, where's Party Boy at? [via The Stencil]

-Dear Hollywood, I implore you to put out more televised events where the participants are drunk or binge drinking. It's instant entertainment, and it provides me with sometime to remember on those awful mornings when I wake up after drinking to make me feel better about my own drunken ramblings and stupid actions, like say, running into a tree.

-Speaking of uncomfortable TV, I forgot to mention the premeire last week of my other favorite show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and its new follower, Extras. I will discuss these shows more next week, but wanted to make sure everyone is up on this. Check out this great article by Dana Stevens at Slate, which looks at the comedy of awkward situations. Extras is the work of Ricky Gervais, the creator of one of the great works of art of the last 20 years, The Office. If you have not seen this show, check out the BBC, rent the boxed sets at your local video store or take my word and buy them ASAP. Thanks to BD for putting me up on the show awhile back.

-Must See TV night: Arrested Development at 8 on Fox, the above HBO shows at the same time, Laguna Beach 9-10 reruns, then new episodes of LB and Sweet Sixteen from 10-11 on MTV. Daddy likes, daddy likes.

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Culture Bully said...

The first time we saw Danny pound that bottle of cranberry & vodka we were stunned (friend and me)...had to watch it later that night on rerun just to relive the moment...damn that guy was bummin...remember when he was just walkin right through traffic, not giving a F...he's completely wildin' out - bring on season 2