Thursday, October 13, 2005

No Food Til Sundown!

Bun B (feat. Lil Keke), Draped Up

Bun B with Slim Thug, Chamillionaire, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Lil' Flip, Z-ro & Aztek, Draped Up (remix)

Okay, I'm gonna to start to dig a little deeper into the Bun B archive here at Pound for Pound after the High Holidays. That's right, I just wrote that. And what? In the meantime, I figured that I would drop the lead single (at least I think it is) that's been leaked from the new album, The Trill, since that's what it's all about. "Draped Up" is a good one, a classic Bun song with that amazing voice and slow, authoritative flow front and center. I love the synth in the background, as it adds a real menacing feel that I like. The remix is crazy, bringing together everyone who lives in the city of Houston except Tom Delay. It's nice to see all these young guns showing their respect, and doing whatever they can to help the godfather out, but, honestly, I just want to hear Bun right now.

-The great Cuban Links has the remix up as well, and a few other goodies. He has the great idea of someone writing a history of the posse cut, which sounds perfect for Sasha Frere-Jones. Go here now, as he has a ton of great songs and words up right now. It's really great to have him back posting on the regular, for real.

-I have begun my fast, so this is the last post until tomorrow night. I hope that you can survive without me, although it's understood that this is going to be a tough 24 hours for everyone. It could get ugly, like that time Elaine had to fast for 3 days before an X-ray and was seeing like the wall move and talking about "mountains of duck" and asking who "tastes the dog food." Real ugly.

P.S. The title is meant to be read in the same cadence as The Beastie Boys' "No Sleep Til Brooklyn." Just an FYI.

P.P.S. More songs from the new album tomorrow.

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