Tuesday, October 25, 2005

King James Presents...Bun B-The King of the Underground

King James Presents...Bun B- The King of the Underground

Okay, as promised, here is another Bun B mixtape that collects his verses. It's an amazing document, another attempt to chronicle the career of one of the greatest. The reason for the upload is the complete lack of info or even availability to buy a copy, as I feel the need to spread the man's music as much as possible. I just feel that this should be heard by everyone, especially those just getting into Bun's music. It is a long one, 3 discs worth of music, 190 MB. It's a similar concept to the Rapid Ric one, King of the Trill (which can still be downloaded at Houston So Real) featuring Bun's guest appearances and mixtape songs.

Of course, you're playing yourself and me if you haven't copped the new album, Trill. Go here and buy it, as it gets better with each listen. It's going to be talked about as the best album of the year, so get in now.

Please leave thanks or complaints in the comments section, as I wasn't sure if posting a whole mixtape made sense.

-Ooowee, I came across this older post over at Government Names while looking for more DJ Screw info. An amazing job by Dylan_K, as he reviews 10 Screw tapes that kill it. This isn't your basic overview (like what I spit out all the time), but instead is an amazing piece that ties criticism, humor and history together. I'll probably come back to this one again. Check out Government Names, the best source on the music coming out from below the Mason-Dixon line, simply the best.

-An even bigger holy shit with this story in today's New York Times. We now learn that Dick Cheney was Scooter Libby's source for the name of Joe Wilson's wife at the CIA. This means that Libby lied in his grand jury testimony, when he told Patrick Fitzgerald that a journalist was his source. Jane Hamsher at firedoglake believes that Cheney committed perjury. Larry Johnson discusses this latest news, wondering about the names lurking in the background. Steve Clemons hammers home the key point: "For now, we can know that the Vice President of the United States was neck-deep in this affair and knew it ALL along."

-Great commercial for Guinness beer, especially in light of this Pennsylvania case. [Via Crooked Timber]


jayo said...

can't wait to hear the mixtape. killin it right now.

i hope dick goes down. if they can prove that he knew she was undercover then he's fucked. otherwise its just his aide. regardless, this is great news. i seriously fucking hate these scumbags running the white house.

Jack said...

Good to hear from you, Jayo. Thanks for checking in, as I'm trying to step my game up to Get Stoopid level.

I hear ya on wanting Dick to go down. I don't think that it's going to get to him, as I'm only hearing Rove and Libby still, plus this Mr. X.

You're right; this is great news no matter who goes down. If you had told me 6 months ago that Rove could go down, I would have told you you were crazy. Too good to be true. Indictments are a great development no matter how you look at, as it keeps the focus on the story, the lies that were told to go to war, and the complete failure that is the Bush administration.

We are going to be ashamed when the story of this administration is told.