Monday, October 17, 2005

UGK- Side Hustles

Rob Jackson and Bun B, Breakin' Sketti

Celly Cel and UGK, Pop the Trunk

A quick word on the musical selections. These tracks come from Side Hustles, the UGK CD that Jive put out in 2002, featuring various guest appearances and whatnot. The sad part is that this is the last UGK release (for now), as Pimp C was incarcerated a year before this one even came out. Buy it here, although I would recommend getting their four albums first. Jive put this one out to make some money, and so you get a thrown-together feel on it. While there's nothing amazing on here, definitely nothing to rival the tracks on Ridin' Dirty, this is a nice chance to get some harder-to-find, obscure songs in one package.

-The Sixth Borough Invades! Oxy Cottontail puts together her greatest event yet: What's Rilly Philly?! Low Budget and Cosmo Baker spinning at Sway tonight. Check the amazing flier by Semen for all the info. We run New York.

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