Friday, October 14, 2005

Bun B- Trill

Bun B, Bun

Bun B, What I Represent

Pound for Pound has atoned, so it's back on. In fact, having shed my sins and a few pounds, things are going to be real serious in here, as we're feelin' so focused. As promised, here are a few more cuts from the new Bun B album, Trill. These are two of the only cuts that feature only Bun or Bun and Pimp C, which is a shame, as they are too of my favorites.I might put up a full album review in a few days, but who knows? I will post up again later tonight, as that last song seems like the perfect jump-off point for a leap back and highlight some UGK tracks. Not sure how well-known this shit is, but it will help to explain why this man is so important, why a who's who wants to drop a verse on this album (Jigga, Luda, T.I., Scarface, et al) and why he is the Underground King.

Free Pimp C!

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