Monday, March 27, 2006

Stupid Dumb Doo Doo

Mac Dre, "Life's A Bitch"

Mac Dre, "3C Romp"

Mac Dre, "Crest Creepers"

Mac Dre, "Let's All Get Down"

In honor of MC's return from the West Coast tonight, I figured I would up some more Bay Area rap for you kids. I've been digging deeper into this Bay Area shit, and yes, I know that I am like 3 years behind on this, but whatever. I was 21 before I realized that Z. Cavarrici pants weren't cool.

One name to whom I have tragically come too late is Mac Dre, the Oakland rapper who was murdered in late 2004. This name might not ring familiar to many, but he is a legend in his hometown, one of those figures that comes to light when a scene has blown up and people go searching for the roots, like Fat Pat down in Houston. Dre is one of the godfathers of the hyphy scene, and I hope that his music will gain a greater audience with the sudden popularity of Keak da Sneak and E-40.

These tracks above are from his 1998 album, Stupid Dumb Doo Doo, one of his many highly acclaimed albums. This one was one of the first released after he served a 5 year sentence for attempted robbery. I'll have more to say on his music later, but if you like what you hear, buy his album here.

I'm kinda feelin' a week dedicated to the music of Mac Dre, whatta y'all think?

-Houston So Real announces a chance to hear another legend, Devin the Dude, and his old group The Coughee Brothaz on a CD available only online. It's a compilation of their songs, not a mixtape of them rhyming over popular beats or whatever. Also, make sure to check out all of the flicks from SXSW and be real jealous. I'mm a makin' it a goal for Pound for Pound to be down there next year for this festival, word is bond.

-Speaking of the Arctic Monkeys and Spinto Band, you can hear a complete show from the 9:30 Club in D.C. on tonight at 10.

-Since it can't be all music and candy, check out the must-read political essay of the week, Francis Fukuyama's "After Neoconservatism". This is big news because it is one of the main neo-conservative intellectuals coming out against that philosophy and the war in Iraq. You probably remember Fukuyama from his book and theory after the fall of Communism that we were at the end of history, that the democratic-capitalist idea had won. Whoops, good call on that one, Francis. You can also read Paul Berman's review of Fukuyama's book, America At The Crossroads.

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