Thursday, March 30, 2006

National Eye

National Eye, "Silver Agers"

National Eye, "Waves of Love"

It's been a lousy week, and so I have turned to memories to provide me with some cheer and joy. A few weeks back, I attended a show at The Khyber featuring three of the best Philly rock bands playing: Spinto Band, Like Moving Insects and National Eye. It was a great show, and the beginning of an incredibly drunken night.

So far, nothing special. The incredible moment, the moment that made my day, week, month and year occurred on my way back from the bathroom. For those who haven't been there, when the place is packed, the 25-foot walk back from the bathroom to the front can take 10 minutes. Normally, this is incredibly annoying. But on this magical night, I was stopped by a young lady who gently touched my arm to stop me from bolting through an opening. She then raved about my performance, how amazing the band sounds, and that she was going to have take off early and miss our show tonight, but she would catch us the next night in Wilmington.

That's right, kids, she thought Pound for Pound was a rock'n'roll star, or at least an indie one, and specifically a member of The Spinto Band, openers for Arctic Monkeys, about-to-blow-up indie rawk band. A fucking band member! Yeah, yeah, yeah! That's it, that's the whole story. I explained to her that I wasn't in the band, she apologized and we both went our seperate ways. Future versions will consist of sex in the bathroom, tequila & cocaine and a fight with Stephen Malkmus. I am a sad man, very sad.

-Above are two tracks off the new National Eye CD called Roomful of Lions. In fact, the aforementioned show at the Khyber was a CD release party for the quintet, who are taking the next step up the indie chain with this one. For those who haven't heard these boys play, I highly recommend giving it a shot. This album is excellent that simulataneously evokes both a laid-back country/folk feel and a tripped out, fuzzy vocals psychdelic one. It's clear that they took their sound further out on this album, opening up a bit. It was produced by Thom Monaghan of fame, which should let you know this ain't no damn joke. Go buy it right from Park The Van Records for $1o or go listen to the album for free and decide if you wanna buy.

-Make sure to check out the National Eye, The Spinto Band and The Teeth tonight at the TLA on South Street. I'm still deciding whether to attend, but that shouldn't matter to you. It should be a great night of music with three great live bands. Let's support our local bands, people! Yeah!

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bird and sword said...

That's a great story from the CD Release show! The show last night was great - hope you made it!