Thursday, March 23, 2006

Keak da Sneak

Keak da Sneak, "Getting Money"

Keak da Sneak, "Shake It"

Keak da Sneak, "Super Hyphy (remix)"

More Bay Area, yeah! These are a few tracks off the new Keak da Sneak album, Contact Sport. Keak has been one of the integral people in the hyphy movement and really seems to be a future star in the rap game. He's young, he's part of a hyped scene, and he is talented beyond belief. He's got this real deep voice, distinctive and commanding.

I'm still not totally sure what denotes the hyphy sound, although it seems to be the focus on synths and handclaps and general upbeat tempos. If anyone has any comments on what else they think defines the sound, I'd love to hear.

-There is Always Plan B. That's right, my bol MF and his Funtime Party Team have put together another NYC happening at Plan B in the East Village (10th and B). DJs King Solomon (I-Rak) and Elle will provide the tunes. Mayhem will ensue.

-In the battle of the two cities last night, the Flyers beat the shit out of the Rangers, 6-1, at the Garden to move back into a tie for first in Atlantic Division. Great game - there were lots of goals, hitting and the Flyers won. It's nice to see the rivalry back, as the Rangers finally have a decent club, which means that Rangers "fans" will start following their team. I am in such a zen state right now, that I won't make even mention how much I loathe the Rangers and their fans, the Pelle Lindbergh incident or how empty the Garden has been for the past few years. Serenity now!

-You know Pound for Pound loves remixes and Bloc Party. Well, the good folks at m3 online (or is it Good Weather for Air Strikes?) have brought it all together in one amazing post. They have compiled all of the Bloc Party remixes that exist out there, all wonderfully packed onto 2 discs for your downloading pleasure. Make sure to thank Derek and all those responsible for this amazing post. [Via Done Waiting.Com]

-Animal Collective review is up, great show, The Go! Team and Love is All tonight with TA. Yeah!

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Anonymous said...

keak da sneak is my boi we love this guy in the 206 Seattle, Washington