Friday, March 24, 2006

The Gossip

The Gossip, "Bones"

The Gossip, "Got Body If You Want It"

The Gossip, "Where The Girls Are"

The Gossip, "Hott Date"

Okay, I'm going to slow down this weekend, as I cannot keep this pace of two posts a day up. I literally woke up this morning lying under my bed, shaking, reeking of patchouli, having cried myself to sleep, broken from the four shows in four days. Actually, the real reason for the slower pace is because MC's away in San Francisco and she's my editor and I get cranky and uninspired when she's away on the Wrong Coast. I will have my review of The Go! Team/Love is All show up over the weekend, then we will resume Pure Dork Week. I also hope to have my hosting situation ironed out, which mean mp3s will be up for as many downloads as possible for limited periods. Yeah!

Since I can't make it to the show tonight, which is another sell-out, I figured that I would post up some early tunes from The Gossip. The Gossip are one of the many excellent artists currently on the Kill Rock Stars label, clearly influenced by that label's founder Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney. These tracks come off of their second album, That's Not What I Heard, and are way more punk than their most recent release. Lots of uptempo, short songs, short but sweet. Queercore to the roots, let us know what you think. Yeah!

Lots of good stuff coming up musically, Lady Sov, Mac Dre (RIP), Love is All and all that unreleased Lil Wayne shit that the kids are talking about. Yeah!

-Check out this great article in XLr8R on Kill Rock Stars label, as it celebrates 10 years of good music.

-For those in Philly, make sure to check out the Straight Dope party upstairs at the Khyber. Baltimore DJ Tittsworth will be holding it down with residents dev79 and Sharkey. Expect lots of Bmore club, bangers, dancing, sweat, good things in life.

-Speaking of Tittsworth, make sure to cop his three EPs of Baltimore club songs, which are available again after a first pressing.

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supergurg said...

The Gossip are great :D i love their track 'Standing in the Way of Control'

thanks for the tunes,
Gurg @ Marvellous Musical Melodies