Sunday, March 12, 2006

Movie Premiere

Movies are a tough one for a week dedicated to nerds, as everyone watches movies. It's like the one guaranteed currency, no matter where you are trying to start up a conversation. However, I think that movie nerd-dom does exist, and may be the most off-putting of all nerdtriccities. You've met the type. The person who refers to the "cinema," who calls movies "films," who disdains Hollywood movies, thinks independent films have sold out, and generally seems to only like the obscure and difficult. They are shocked that people don't know about Eisenstein, Cassavetes and Brakhage, enraged at the concept of Big Mama's House. Their viewing seems to be guided by some sort of syllabus from a college course most of us dropped out of in the first few weeks.

I am here to say that I am one of these people. Well, not really, but I am here to defend them. Don't shun these people, don't beat them up, don't hate them for their snobbishness. Embrace them, as they do have passion for movies and can lead you to some amazing ones that far too few people get to experience.

Let's begin.

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