Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Ghetto Report Card

E-40, "Yay Area"

E-40, "Tell Me When To Go (feat. Keak da Sneak)"

E-40, "Sick With It II"

E-40, "Yee"

This one is all about E-40 and his new album, My Ghetto Report Card, not a look at my hood status, as you might have thought when you first saw the title. (For those wondering, I get a D-, since I got robbed like a punk bitch, but whatever.) E-40 has picked the perfect moment for this release, as there is a bit of a lull in the rap game, with everyone waiting for the most anticipated albums of the year, Cam's Killa Season and Ghostface's Fishscale. It's also a great time, as the South has blown up and people are looking for the next thing, the next sound to grab onto. The Bay Area's hyphy music fits the bill perfectly, doesn't it? Ironically though, the King of Crunk, Lil Jon, produced the album, curious how that goes over with hardcore Bay Area fans. Oh, and 40 isn't one of the originators of the hyphy movement, so I imagine that there could be some backlash toward his carpetbagging. I don't know, since I am an even bigger carpetbagger from my position in Philly. Whatever.

It's a good album, though probably not a classic or his best. It's a long one, 20 tracks, only three jokey interludes. That's way too long; I appreciate the effort and the value for the buck, but feel like any hip hop album today suffers from quality control when an artist tries to put this much out. I put up some of my favorite tracks above; definitely make sure to cop the first song, the lead single "Tell Me When To Go," which is a monster with those big bass drums. The first half of the album is amazing (which is mainly the work of Bay Area producer Rick Rock), the second half just doesn't have the same heat. Buy it here and decide for yourself.

-If you like these tracks and wanna find out what's jumping off in the Bay Area, there are two essential sites that need to be a part of your daily clicks. Nation of Thizzlam is a new addition to the links list on the right, dropping all sorts of bangers from the likes of E-40, Federation, all the names you've been hearing about and many more you've never heard about. Staxwell and Mr. Pilly Wonk show love for other shit too, like Ghostface and the Dipset Dipset and lots of hate for Pitchfork and Fader.

Then, there's the O.G. legend, Jay-O's Get Stoopid. Bol's been introducing the blog world to this music for a minute now, and I cannot thank him enough for getting the music out. It appears that he is retired, but I'm hoping for a George Foreman-style return, where he comes back and takes back his rightful crown. Yeah!

-For those in the Philly/NJ area, tune in to 103.3 WPRB, Princeton's college radio station, tonight for a Handsome and Krash is King Shit session. These are some Philly electronic bols who are finna blow up if I can do anything about it. More to come on them, get a head start by listening to their show tonight.

-It was a real shitty week, sorry if the quality has slipped here. I've been sitting in my four-corner room, staring at candles, and that don't make for good writing. I'mma try to bring the heat in the next few weeks, as hopefully we'll be talking about how Pound for Pound Got His Groove Back. Holler.

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