Monday, March 13, 2006



It was a rare, hangover-free Sunday, and your bol is really grindin' right now. So, I figured why not make another post, and try to start making one random one and one theme-oriented one per day. Will I live up to this schedule? No. But, hopefully I can come close, which will allow me to put up more music from the present and past.

Big news hopefully for Pound for Pound this week, definitely lots to come in the near future. Start linking to me now, get in on the ground floor, as this shit is gonna get real serious.

-While I am hangover-free, that does mean that I didn't go out. I made it to Making Time Friday night and the Pop-off Shack Saturday night. Making Time was excellent, although my attempts to take advantage of the PBR and Sparks open bar from 9-11 put my stomach on edge. Hot Chip played a half-hour or so set around midnight, and absolutely killed it. It was everything that I had hoped for (and not received) with the Juan MacLean show from a few weeks ago: a combination of hypnotic dance pulse and the spiky rhythms of post-punk.

After that, Dave P, Dave Pak and Mike Z kept people on the dancefloor, putting on one of the best DJ sets I have heard in a minute. What I liked most about it was its ability to put together the best of the newest dance-punk-y, house stuff with classic new wave jawns. Two specific moments stick out: first, hearing The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry" on the wonderful system with a packed dancefloor nearly brought tears to my eyes. That was nearly topped a few minutes later with a Clap Your Hands Say Yeah song that sounded so great as a dance song, so perfect.

The Pop-off Shack seems to be gathering steam, as the upstairs was crowded and people were dancing like they were trying out for a G-Unit video. Is there any better way to spend a night listening to Prince, Baltimore club and ODB? The answer is no. Each and every week people, no excuses.

-I've been slacking on the busty thoughts for your weekend, so I'm going to help you start the week out on the right note. Check out the newest issue of Esquire magazine for an article on one of the world's most beautiful women, Rosario Dawson. There is also a shrine for Rosario, if you are in that religious stuff. If so, this site should be your bible.

-Oh, for those who doubt that we're ahead of the curve with everything, that was William Burroughs' voice at the beginning and end of The Sopranos premiere, as clearly they were checking out the most gangster blog to find out what would sound right on their gangster show.

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