Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Shit Robot

Shit Robot, "The Wrong Galaxy"

Shit Robot, "Triumph"

I hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and that you missed Pound for Pound as much as I missed you. Your bol is back after having a wonderful weekend in NYC, spent with friends in the LES and Brooklyn. One second I was at the top of the Coney Island ferris wheel, holding on for dear life, the next having dinner at Anthony Bourdain's restaurant on Park Avenue. I'm totally refreshed now, ready to simply destroy people with music for the remainder of the summer.

The weather is starting to heat up, which means it time to get back to our focus, booty music and its various adherents. Rather than start dropping Miami bass heaters, I figured that we would take a look at some of the best music today that takes both the dancefloor and iPod into consideration.

The label that excites me the most still is DFA Records, James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy's inimitable label. In fact, I spent most of the weekend listening to the LCD Soundsystem, including the nearly-hour long subway trip to Coney Island. I know what you're thinking, DFA is not putting out booty music. You're right, they're not per se. But, they are making indie music that is meant for the dance floor, staying true to its roots in house music (which has a ghetto variant that is not far removed from ghettotech. So there!) and unashamed to make dance music.

The most recent single to drop on the label is the one above by German-based artist Shit Robot, a.k.a. Marcus Lambkin. For those familiar with DFA Records, you will have a good sense of where this one comes from. It's right in step with The Juan MacLean, working that area in between house/disco and techno. "The Wrong Galaxy" starts up right away, with a 909 that won't quit. Ironically, my favorite part comes around the midway point when everything drops out and the song takes an intermission. It then builds back up, providing that flexibility and unpredictability that dance music often lacks. "Triumph" seems like a little less obvious choice for the dancefloor, using a repeated, Reichian rhythm to build the song up to its peak. It's synthesizer heaven, as that 80s favorite provides an amazing flourish to top it all off. Amazing stuff, reminds me a little of Aphex Twin or Autechre if they weren't such prudes. DJs, grab your vinyl copy at Turntable Lab.

-How fucked up is Iraq? They're killing people for wearing shorts. SHORTS! I can understand arresting dudes for wearing mandals or a banana hammock on the beach, but this is too far. Too damn far.

Seriously though, this situation seems to be getting worse by the day, from the death of two CBS News crew to the reports of a massacre of Iraqi civilians in Haditha including men, women and children to the violence today. This is such a sad situation, one can only think and pray for those truly affected from the war widows to Iraqi citizens living in terror to the brave soldiers fighting there to the courageous journalists trying to cover the story.

-On a much happier note, congrats to The Capitol Years for being signed to Park The Van Records this past week. Yes, the same Park The Van that has already signed Philly band's Dr. Dog, The Teeth and The National Eye. For real, why is the lwabel not based here? Schwenksville? Are you kidding me? Anyway, Philebrity broke the news and has some nice Capitol Years mp3s for your enjoyment. Our next entry in the Philly Music focus at Pound for Pound is Mazarin. If you're a band or DJ living in Philly, get in touch. I'll provide the hype.

-Happy birthday to LM, as it was so great to have a chance to celebrate her birth after not seeing each other for too long. Also, a happy to KM, part of the joint Pisces gala.

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