Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dylan Sunday - XFM Radio Show #1

Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Show (XFM Radio Show #1) (unlimited downloads)

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I told ya I was gonna bring the heat with the next Dylan Sunday. Per request, here is the complete broadcast of Bob Dylan's first radio show for satellite radio station XFM. News that Bob would be hosting his own radio show came out a few months ago, and I was filled with excitement. The only fear that I had was that this would be a gimmick, something with Bob's name on it but little of his time or effort.

All I can say is that I was gloriously wrong on that front, as this is Bob all the way. For real, this is one of the best things I've heard in a long time, a chance to have Bob Dylan DJ for the listener. It's an amazing chance to get into the tastes and knowledge of a man who clearly lives and breathes music, schooling us on a wide range of musics from the past. The show is done according to theme, with Bob choosing the songs to coincide with said theme. On this first episode, the theme is weather, so we get lots of great rainy day songs, evocations of sunshine, you get the idea. Right from the get-go, Bob takes everyone to school and it doesn't really let up for the next 50 minutes or so. I hadn't heard most of the songs on here, or hadn't known the original version. Personal favorites are The Prisonaires' "Just Walking In The Rain", Irma Thomas' "It's Raining" and Fats Domino's "Let The Four Winds Blow."

In case you are wondering, Bob does speak a decent amount on the show. Like any good radio DJ, he knows that the listener wants to hear music, not talking, so usually you get about 30 seconds of Bob between songs. Ironically, I actually would want to hear him ramble on a bit more, as he is so funny and witty on the short intervals he speaks. I think my favorite part comes after the Muddy Waters songs at the beginning, when Dylan discusses the fallacy of Chicago as "The Windy City." Or when he discusses the different types of clouds before playing The Consolers' "After the Clouds Roll Away." Oh, and for those who don't like Dylan's voice today, I'll say that it is made for radio, so deep, gravelly and real. Maybe it'll help people get a better handle on the way the man now sounds.

Okay, enough of my blabbing. Go and download the show above and take this rainy, windy Sunday to listen to Bob Dylan talk and play lots of songs about rain, wind and snow. Let me know what you think, curious if people are as excited as I am about this. Now, if we can just get Dylan to spin at 700 Club or The Khyber upstairs.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this. If you are able to post week 2, 3, and on and on...That would be very much appreciated. Thnks for your great Dead shows also. Great thing you're doing here!

wildflower seed said...

Thanks for this! I have linked to it, so you should have more beneficiaries. :)

wildflower seed said...

I'm having problems downloading this. When I right click and save, what I am saving turns out to be a html file. My browser opens it but it's all code in symbols.


Jack said...


Thanks for the heads up. I uploaded the file to rapidshare last night, it should be good to go. No clue what was wrong with sendspace, very weird.

Sorry for the confusion, look forward to hearing people's thoughts on the show.

kundalini said...

jack, over from ventilatorblues'. sitting all the way in india, i cant thank you enough for putting this up. have been listening, non-stop. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for sharing.

gIftoFwIngs said...

Thanks for the link :)

here in my heart said...

Thanks for this.
I am loving these shows. Dylan is just amazing in this guise. Fits him like a glove.

I remeber radio back in the day...

I remember when FM first came out and though not as cool as this, still, interesting, informative, less commercial breaks, not top 10 hit music... of course that has all changed now with computer generated DJ's and the like.
This is such a big treat.I hope this goes on for years... its like having Bobby around for a cup of coffee and talkin about music... it feels almost that intimate.


if only. LOL

I was asking XM about doing this very thing and they said they couldn't... so glad you did.
keep 'em coming if you can.

jokerman61 said...

THANX!!!!! i have the first 3 shows recorded on cassette, but this is AWESOME!!! YES! i am as excited as you are about this show.

i bought an XM radio for the sole purpose of hearing the 'BOB SHOW'.
now that i've subcribed i'm finding all kinds of cool stuff.

anyway...i'm still working on recording from my computer, but haven't quite got to that point yet.

PLEASE...keep posting the shows!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I was wanting to hear this, but just hadn't bitten the bullet on XM. Now, it seems, I must!

Happy belated birthday, Bob....

CanuckFarFromHome said...

Thanks for all your work in making this available. It's a real treat and appreciated.


Liz in Dublin said...

hi, thanks a lot for this, not having to through xfm is great, i actually tried to subscribe but failed, maybe its a sign! will you be posting his show tomorrow? thanks again