Thursday, May 11, 2006

Goldfrapp - Black Cherry

Goldfrapp, "Train"

Goldfrapp, "Twist"

Goldfrapp, "Strict Machine"

You may be wondering, "Pound for Pound, why are you posting about an album that came out in 2003 from an artist you discussed a few weeks ago?" Good question, dear reader. The answer is nowhere near as good as the question, but bear with me. It's really quite simple, as I've been listening to Goldfrapp consistently for the past few weeks and feel like they don't get a lot of love from the blogosphere.

These tracks come off the duo's second album, Black Cherry, a darker, dirtier work than their debut, Felt Mountain. The sound goes from the lighter, airier disco to a more electro one, and you know that your bol loves that. The tracks above best reflect that shift in sound, and you will notice a shift in lyrics too. Alison Goldfrapp gets into the spirit of the beats, dropping some sex-inspired lines like "Before you go and leave this town/I want to see you one more time/Put your daddy angel face/Between my legs and knicker lace." Yeah! Nothing is more likely to get you a mention on Pound for Pound than oral sex (well, besides boobs, Philadelphia, typography, but you get the point). Beyond that, there is still the amazing, sultry voice of Alison Goldfrapp, which always make me think of Portishead. It's like a poppier, less depressed version of that amazing band. Like Portishead playing for a sleazy disco. Buy it here, as I consider it the band's best.

This new sound leads to the real reason for looking at Goldfrapp again. It's a chance to adjust your ears to what lies ahead at Pound for Pound. We are going to be getting back to our roots in the near future, as Booty Week will resume in the next few weeks. That's right, your bol will be dropping so much Miami bass, ghettotech, electro, reggaeton, the dirtiest filthiest shit that you've ever heard. I'm totally excited, for really real, as it's gonna be so nice and I'm gonna drop so much heat and summer is here and my vinyl game has been stepped up and the Phillies are winning and Jezebel napped on my lap and MC and I watched another Godard movie and the B-noir fest is killing it in NYC and the World Cup is almost here and I'm still working on copping a pair of Kid Robots and on and on and on.

-Another amazing blog has come to my attention. Are you familiar? is an apt title for a blog that is putting its readers up on shit that most haven't heard yet. Mainly indie music, with an appreciation for the dancier, more electro side of things and the weirder, more psychedelic too. This might be my favorite post, featuring that Adam Sparkles remix we discussed yesterday and some choice cuts from Material and Liquid Liquid from the early 80s downtown NYC scene. Here's some good noise music, and here's some good psych-folk. Check it out, as we've added the site to the links on the right.

-Lower East Side, where ya at? Head to Cake Shop tonight, as the cafe/bar/concert venue celebrates its 1st Anniversary. They're doing it in style, having 4 bands play tonight, all friends of the venue. cause CO-motion, S-S-S-Spectres, The Woods, Bill Cosby and the White Pudding Pops (change your band name, that's weak), DJs, drink specials, movies and balloons. 152 Ludlow, see you there.

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