Friday, May 05, 2006

Be Your Own Pet

Be Your Own Pet, "Bicycle, Bicycle You Are My Bicycle"

Be Your Own Pet, "Adventure"

I've been inexplicably sitting on these amazing tracks from the new Be Your Own Pet album, Be Your Own Pet (they spent too much time rocking to worry about a creative album title, okay?), which is due out in a few weeks. This group just came to my attention, although they have already garnered lots of attention and a large following because of their epic live shows and punk/indie mix. Think early Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I hate to make the comparison, as it tends to negate the quality of this music and shortchanges BYOP. But, from the female lead singer to the vicious guitar, it should give you a good idea of what to expect.

The big news for the band is that they have been chosen to open for Sonic fucking Youth on their tour this summer, which includes a stop in our fair city, Philadelphia. I told you about this show a month ago or so, and I hope that y'all grabbed your tickets then, cos it's sold out now. (That's right, another sell-out in Philly, this time in a few weeks, more than a month before the show.) NYC can catch BYOP headlining at the Knitting Factory, which I may try to catch. Check their myspace page for the rest of the tour dates. Go to Insound and cop the new CD at a nice, cheap price as a preorder. The album is out June 6, we'll try to remind you when it officially drops.

-Want more video of politicians feeling awkward and insulted? Go to Think Progress to check out this video of former CIA analyst and war opponent Ray McGovern heckling and questioning Donald Rumsfeld at a public forum yesterday. The Secretary of Defense gets served.

-A great blog to check out this weekend is aurgasm, which has just been added to the links list at the right. I'm lovin' the diversity, from Cuizinier to Hollertronix & Ghislain Poirier to French pop and Swedish glam. Most everything is new to me there and all of it worth a listen.

-I mentioned a search for my next focus musically here, beyond the usual new shit that I up everyday. Well, I think that I came up with a good, topical one. I am going to focus on Philadelphia musicians doing big things, as it's time to hype the scene that we have and just how amazing and diverse it is. So, if you are a band or DJ working in Philly, get in touch ASAP. Hell, get in touch with me at any time, as I'm always willing to devote a post to fellow Illadelphians. Or even just tell me that you want to move here and I'm willing to help. That's how we do, y'know. So, tune in next week for Plastic Little, Like Moving Insects, Yah Mos Def and whatever else I can think of. Yeah!

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