Saturday, May 06, 2006

Islands - Return to the Sea

Islands, "Swans (Life After Death)"

Islands, "Volcanoes"

In honor of this beautiful Saturday afternoon, I figured that I would put up some tracks from the recent Islands album, Return to the Sea, a lighthearted, goofy album, perfect for a do-nothing day. For those that don't know, Islands was formed out of the wreckage of the Unicorns' breakup not very long ago. Frontman Nick Diamonds and drummer J'aime Tambeur picked up the pieces and formed Islands, looking to explore a different sound than what they had been doing.

Ironically, this album seems to go down the same path that they were already exploring with The Unicorns. I can't say that I am that knowledgeable about the Unicorns music, but this album features the same lightheard, poppy sound with bells and guitars and goofy lyrics. With that said, it's a decent album. I can't say that there is anything objectionable, but neither can I say that there is anything compelling me to listen to it again. The first track above, "Swans (Life After Death)", is the best thing on the album to me, a long, developed song that remains pretty intense throughout. I really love the juxtaposition in "Volcanoes" of the apocalytpic, dark lyrics with the breezy tune.

EAR FARM has a complete live Islands show from December 2005 in PHILLY (yeah!) at the First Unitarian Church. Mostly songs from this album, along with a Paul Simon cover. Mars Needs Guitars, The BM Rant, can you see the sunset from the southside?, Mocking Music and Big Static all have additional tracks and thoughts. Go and cop the album here, especially if you are a fan of The Unicorns.

-Next entry in my Stephen Colbert extravaganza is this classic Daily Show piece on the Ten Commandments in Alabama courthouse debate. Favorite part is either the Revelations bit or the adultery one. Watch and find it out what I'm referring to.

-If you are in Philly tonight, two cool events to check out. First, Espers is playing an album release party at the Lithuanian Music Hall in Port Richmond. Philebrity has the details and a map. Also, over at the RUBA, there is a fundraiser going on to raise awareness of Histio, a rare blood disease, and lots of DJ spinning indie tunes. Help out the cause and get wasted on cheap beer. Yeah!

-Happy birthday to LL and EO this weekend, glad I can celebrate in person.


merz said...

Jack, thanks for the shout out to Mars Needs Guitars!


eo said...

Thanks for helping me ease the pain of 30, the prequal. It was great to see you in my house.