Monday, June 26, 2006

Scott Walker - Tilt

Scott Walker, "Farmer In The City"

Scott Walker, "Tilt"

A little more Scott Walker, as this dark music seems perfect for this dark time. This was the first CD I ever heard from the man, which is quite an introduction. This one is in the same vein as The Drift, which I discussed yesterday. In fact, I can't really add a whole lot to the discussion, as Tilt is also a difficult, odd-sounding, exacerbating, rewarding album. I will warn everyone to be prepared for Walker's voice, as it does not sound like your normal singing style. For me, it reminds me of an operatic voice, loud, harsh, a little show-offy. However, once you get past the intial shock and dislike, you are in for a treat. The music and vocals create such a frightening landscape, kinda like Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music. Like that album, it's hit or miss. You'll either love or hate, and for some reason I think that suits Walker just fine. He's doing shit his way and you've got to respect thatl. Give it a chance and see if you want to follow where he's taking you. Grab the album here and see what you think.

-I caught this story last week, and I think it perfectly encapsulates how fucked up things are with our nation's government and the people running it. Talking Points Memo pointed us to an excerpt from Ron Suskind's new book, The One Percent Doctrine, in Bart Gellman's review in the Washington Post. It tells the story of Abu Zubaydah, a 'terrorist mastermind', whose capture was highlighted by the Bush administration a few years ago. Read the story and be sad and ashamed.

-Since I'm discussing embarrassments, the Phillies can't be far from one's mind. They got swept today in Boston, losing on another David Ortiz walk-off home run. I've caught a fair share of games the past few weeks and am shocked at how easily this team collapsed. I hate the Philadelphia fan passionately, the one who boos on day one and calls talk radio and thinks they are owed a championship. But, they appear to have had this team pegged correctly, as they're almost out of the playoff race before July begins. They have no clutch hitting or starting pitching, essential for a playoff team, how could anyone kid themselves that this team should be kept together any longer? I hope that this rumor of Bobby Abreu going to the Tigers is the start of a complete overhaul of this underachieving team. I also can't wait for the Eagles to start again.

-Finally, my thoughts and prayers are with TA and her family for their loss this past weekend.

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