Thursday, June 29, 2006

Blues Explosion's "Crunchy"

Blues Explosion, "Crunchy (original version)"

Blues Explosion, "Crunchy (Solex remix)"

Blues Explosion, "Crunchy (!!! remix)"

Some more single/remix action for your ass in the '06. What does that any of that mean? Not sure, think I heard somebody say that on The OC once. Anyway, here is one of my absolute all-time favorite bands, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, in their most recent incarnation as Blues Explosion. They've dropped Jon Spencer from the band's name and have upped the percussion and lowered the gutter punk/blues sound. It's taken some getting used to me for me, as those early Matador records (Orange, What Is Worry, etc.) are Pound for Pound classics.

"Crunchy" comes off the band's 2005 release, Damage. It's not gonna sound completely alien to fans of the band, but they've definitely turned down the punk blues for something a little more melodic and rock. I actually like it, a nice example of what makes this band special. They get tagged for a specific sound, but I think that it ignores how open to new sounds the band has always been. You know what? I love these guys too much to try to cram all my thoughts into one post. We'll come back and do this band right in a bit. For now, make sure to check out the !!! remix, which turns the guitars down and turns this into a percussive dancefloor track. Really nice, possibly better than the original. Solex fucks with lotsa reverb and bass, making this punk dub or something.

-I've been meaning to give a shout to a wonderful blog that just came to my attention. This is the perfect time to mention Tiger Stripe, as it specializes in the dance music, remix world that we've been getting into the last few weeks. It's got a great mix of artists you know and shit you ain't never heard of. I'mma add this one to the permanent links list, which was guaranteed by this Peaches appreciation post. Great stuff, look forward to her

-Great draft last night, lots of trade announcements, some truly bewildering picks and a chance to think about basketball before this long summer really gets started. I liked the 76ers pick, Memphis' Rodney Carney, especially considering their draft position and the level of talent in this year's draft. I probably would've preferred they take Marcus Williams, as I'd love to see them have a traditional point guard to distribute the ball. But, it never hurts to draft an athletic guy who can play defense. Dick Jerardi liked the pick and has a nice look at the draft. The Knicks' first pick, Renaldo Balkman, was completely inexplicable. The Knicks fans interview before the pick were the absolute epitome of douchebags. Stephen A. Smith is worse than fingernails on the blackboard. Kyle Lowry will be the steal of the draft. Two Israelis were drafted in the second round, the first two ever drafted.

-Disco D in Philly! Sign up for the guest list for this week's edition of Sunday Is The New Black at Walnut Room. Another PaperStreet jawn, this one is real next level. There is nothing more American than ghetto tech, so celebrate the 4th of July the right way.

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