Thursday, June 29, 2006

Disco not Disco 1 Part 1

Yoko Ono, "Walking On Thin Ice [1981 re-edit]"

Liquid Liquid, "Cavern"

Loose Joints, "Tell You (Today) [Vocal]"

Ian Dury & The Seven Seas Players, "Spasticus Autisticus (Version)"

I wanted to take up a theme from the Can You Jack? compilation, as Tim Lawrence discussed the experimental sounds of acid house. I couldn't think of a better lead-in to our next focus, Disco not Disco Volume 1. This compilation came out in 2000 on Strut Records and was put together by Joey Negro and Sean P.

The theme of the music here is disco tunes that expand the notion of what disco was, as I'm sure the Disco not Disco title made clear. These tunes do not sound like shit you imagine hearing at Studio 54, but it was just as much a part of disco as Donna Summer's classic jawns were. Despite rock snobbery's atttempts to diminish people's respect for the actual music, disco can't be dismissed as some chessy music for coked up dancers.

These songs above come from that magical period in the early 80s when disco had grown soft and traditional and punk had lost much of its original energy. In downtown NYC, these two would bust through their respective genre walls and come out to play together. Initially, it went more in the direction of punk in the form of the no wave movement (so much to get to on that front, yummy!), geared more towards the punk club than the dance floor. I will discuss the music a lot more in the coming days, just wanted to get this started. Oh, and yes, the first song is by that Yoko Ono, Mrs. John Lennon, the woman who saved the Beatles, etc. It's actually quite good, and a nice reminder that Ono is responsible for some amazing experimental music.

For the record, I'm gonna spend the next week or so posting all of the tracks from both volumes of this series. Both CDs are out of print, and have been so for quite a few years (although the second volume seemed to come out in a larger pressing, as you could find it in Spaceboy in Philly for awhile). I normally would never consider this, but I don't think that people should have to pay $50 or more dollars to hear a CD. Plus, Strut Records has gone the way of the Phillies playoff chances and American democracy, i.e. in the shitter. This shit ain't comin' back, so I'm gonna spread the music. If anyone has a problem with this or wants me to take the music down, holler and it will be done. Otherwise, enjoy all the music and leave comments!

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Patrik said...

THANKYOU. IS IT ALL OVER MY FACE? I TOOK 'EM ALL. Had the Yoko, it's my favorite of hers.

stacy said...

good songs. love loose joints.