Tuesday, June 27, 2006

NY Excuse

Soulwax, "NY Excuse (Justice remix)"

I'm gonna try to spend a few weeks upping all kinds of shit like this, the stuff coming out of Ed Banger Records, Erol Alkan, MYLO, Tiga, etc. Right now, this is the stuff that has my ear, as it's got roots in the musics that I love like Miami bass, electro, disco, Chicago house, etc., but it doesn't sound derivative. This Justice remix of the Soulwax single "NY Excuse" (from Any Minute Now) is absolutely killing me right now, it makes you wanna get up and dance with that hugggggeeee distorted bassline, the computer chords on top and the scream-y vocals. Simply awesome. Much more to come on Justice, Soulwax and the remix racket. I know I'm a bit late, but I'll try to play catch up with the fury of a thousand suns.

-For those in NYC tonight, get yourself to the Lady Sovereign after-party at The Plumm. My bol Project Matt is spinning, along with the Syrup Girls and Alex English (the Nugget great? I sure hope so). This should be an amazing party, a great way to follow up the Lady Sov show at Webster Hall (if you got tickets, it's sold out). Best of all, The Plumm is at 14th Street, so you don't have to cross that street and venture into that creepy, strange place known as uptown.

Get stoopid, go dumb.

-Speaking of stupid and dumb, you have got to see this video of our President, George W. Bush, making fun of blind reporter at news conference. He thinks that he is being real funny, but he isn't smart enough or aware enough to think that maybe, just maybe the guy is wearing sunglasses because of blindness/eye problems. It's Bush in all his frat boy, asshole glory. [Via Think Progress]

-Finally, a request for my dear readers. If you are currently living in Brooklyn and looking for a roomate or know someone who is or know anything and can help me on my search, it would be greatly appreciated. Girls with bangs and big boobs preferred roomate, but willing to take what I can get. August 1st or sooner. No more NY Excuse for me (eh eh, see what I did there).


uno said...

yeah man that Justice remix kills me! shit when it breaks! Do you know if there are other similar "justice" remixes out there? I'm also thinking of the Soulwax Rock It Right remix of Felix the Housecat - Rocket Ride. that stuff is awesome!

cb said...

Everyone get hold of the Justice remix of Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen.

absolutely amazing!!